I've tuned out and I feel bad about it

I'm a big believer in the grace period. If your team wins a championship, you have to be patient and tolerant for the next few years.

Obviously this is a little different from European football where there's a lot of trophies, but Champions League that's a pretty big one. So I thought "Ok they won the big won, no matter what happens next year short of something ridiculous like relegation I'll be fine with".

I anticipated there might be some dissapointment this season, after all the great luck we had the previous it only seemed natural. But everything bad that's transpired this season, I don't even need to list them, it's taken me by surprise. It's absolutley drained the enthusiasm out of me to the point where I tune out everything soccer. Not just Chelsea.

One of the things that frustrates me is how in most American sports, take the NFL for instance. A team like the Baltimore Ravens win the Superbowl. What's the worse thing that can happen to them the following season? Missing the playoffs, that's it. And there's no financial penalty for missing the playoffs that can hurt their future competitiveness because the NFL isn't structured that way.

With Chelsea it's so much worse. We win CL, then this year we don't make it out of the group stage, financial loss, if we do not qualify top four this year and we don't qualify for next years CL, another financial loss. We don't even win the title of "World Champion", a team like Baltimore gets it by default because there's no South American team they need to face.

It's just so unfair that euro football is setup so how much money you make determines your competitiveness. I mean that exists in American sports, but to a much more extreme degree, to the point where we as fans need to worry about how much we get for shirt sponsorships and such which is ridiculous.

I've wished so many times Chelsea was a MLB or NFL or NBA team instead. There's this extra frustration with rooting for a team in a completley different system.

Just everything about this sport is set to torture me. The early morning start times in the west coast, how every regular game is so freaking important (due to CL qualification), how there's no long break like with the American sports so I can't take a prolonged break from euro football to decompress. Then the specific problems Chelsea have had, don't get me started......

I'm sad because after that CL victory I vowed to watch every game the next season but recently I just couldn't bare to watch them. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Sports are meant to be fun, I mean there's a certain degree of pain/pleasure invovled but.... I'm absolutley miserable. And it's beyond simple wins and losses......

The worst part is, when Chelsea won the European Cup, that was the first time a team I rooted for won a championship. It was a first for me. I was happy beyond belief, I thought the feelings would last a really long time.

I'm just stunned how it's pretty much gone, and the title of European Champions it's been a burden more than anything else. Is this really how long it lasts? All the frustration of this season has completley killed it off. I'm just flabbergasted. All those times I saw Yankee fans or Lakers fans be upset with their teams not 2-3 years off their last title. I could never understand why they'd be so upset, I just assumed they were incredibly spoiled and greedy.

But maybe I just overestimated how much a championship stays with you. Maybe it's like cocaine, or other drugs. After that initial high, *boom* it's over. You just need your next fix.

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