For anybody defending Rafa

The statistic I am about to show you is more shocking than when I found out Bruce Willis was cast for another "Die Hard" film.

12 points. Chelsea have dropped 12 points from 5 games against West Ham, Reading, Southampton, Fulham and QPR. Turn those draws/losses into should-have-been victories, we would be one point from Manchester United. With that in mind, let the Rafa-slating begin!

I can't quite believe there is more than one option. Rafa must be sacked, immediately. Sure, we may have to promote Steve Holland, or bring in someone from the managerial wilderness, but seriously, since he has taken charge, he consistently makes the same mistakes. As someone who hopes to climb the managerial rungs one day, I was a little bit shocked at the naivety displayed by Benitez in recent weeks. I'll admit, I also wasn't an advocate of Di Matteo being given the full time job (In fact, I was sad when AVB left, but whatever), due to Roman sleeping by the 'eject' button at night, but he made this club great again. To make for easier reading, I will bullet point Rafas biggest mistakes, and compare them with other managers we have had.

  • Never taking responsibility and being too cryptic in his interviews. Something which seems to be foreign ground for foreign managers in England at the moment. Whilst Fergie, Pardew and Pulis amongst others give their honest opinion, Mancini is "In this moment" (seriously, listen to an interview with him, wait for this quote), and Benitez creates positives when there clearly aren't any. 1 - Saying how Fernando Torres scores in training. 2 - Complaining about the fixture schedule being so busy and asking for sympathy. 3 - His insistence on playing good players out of position e.g. Ryan Bertrand is a good Left Back, he isn't a fucking winger, Bringing on Paulo Ferreria and Benayoun when players like Piazon and Marin sat on the bench.
  • His substitutions. They are almost like he has to make them at a certain point. Maybe he has OCD? Who knows. All I know is, not using three substitutions in a fixture period when we are playing weekends and midweek is suicide. For example, before the first Reading goal, Nathan Ake was stripped and ready, after they scored, it took him five minutes to bring Demba Ba on, with no third sub coming, despite having a large break just before the equaliser. Surely Terry for Oscar, Ba for Torres in the 88th minute would have seen the game out? Both subs would have sufficient height and knowledge to defend a simple ball better? Clearly not.
  • His line ups. Against Newcastle, Bertrand clearly was struggling in the left wing position again (For those of you who say he is better as a winger, you are wrong, he is a left back, the only reason he played as a winger in Munich was because we parked the bus). He is a reserve left back, he should only be brought on as a winger if we are protecting a lead. Marin has been given some stick, but he is adjusting and has shown some good spells of play. He needs minutes. If I said Oscar was only just better than Marin at the moment, many of you would argue, but the truth is, Oscar is not playing very well at the moment. If Marin cost 25 million pounds, i'm sure you all would be calling for him to start. Rafa has wasted him. A Marin Mata Moses attack would have been really good, and I hope I get to see it at some point.
  • The results. No win in four for the blues now, since just about holding on to beat Arsenal. We failed to beat Fulham at home, lost to Corinthians, West Ham, drew with Reading the list goes on. These are shocking and unacceptable results, it really raises the question of whether Rafa can motivate anybody. I don't think he can.

My final point is to point out that he has had his back against the wall from day one, what with the boo boys and everything. But I don't think he has ever once shown signs of accepting his past mistakes. Had he come out in the first press conference and said "listen, I defended my team i was managing at the time, it was in the heat of the moment, i now can't wait to feel the force of Stamford Bridge with me, yada yada yada", he would have instantly mallowed the mood just a little, and the players would have felt more comfortable because of it.

RAFA OUT, before any more damage is done.

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