Looking on the brightside

Obviously the blues have been having a marvelous season with a lot to be happy about. I felt like a fanpost was needed to highlight all of the positives of this year. So here we go:

-We got rid of that Franklin the Turtle look alike, RDM, and replaced him with a majestic emperor penguin of a manager.

-Torres scored.

-We still haven't offered lamps a new contract. Good work, Roman!

-We're in the EUROPA LEAGUE! The only negative about this is, I planned my second semester schedule so that I wouldn't have classes on Wednesdays so I could watch Chelsea play in Europe. If only I had foresight :(

-Unlike last year it looks like we're going to finish in the top four.

-We made a valiant run in the League Cup only to lose out to eventual champions, swansea. Can't blame the blues for that right???

-Yossi Benayoun has returned from his incredibly successful loan spell so that he could bolster our midfield and take away sub cameos from developing players. Thank you Rafa!

Okay, fine... maybe it hasn't been the best season for the blues, but here is an actual list of things that are getting me through this torrid season.

1). Watching the development of our loaned players. Incase anyone hasn't noticed, Lukaku is tied for the 5th leading goal scorer in the EPL. Chalobah has been having a hell of a season for Watford. KDB has looked pretty damn amazing for Bremen, and I personally hope that Chelsea give him a real shot at being in the first team picture next year. Kalas, PVA, and Kakuta are all having a fairly impressive year at Vitesse (Not to mention PVA looking like a better option than Bertrand). Courtois is Courtois. Omerou has been impressive, especially in the ACON. Thorgan Hazard seems to be coming along nicely. Essien looks okay? All in all, the future is looking bright for Chelsea, and I love monitoring the development of (Hopefully) the Chelsea stars of tomorrow.

2). The hunt for a new manager is the next thing on my list. While it is not a good thing that Chelsea have a revolving door of managers, the bright side in finding a new one means the end to rafalution. I'm hoping and praying that Chelsea don't follow up the brilliant firing of RDM and subsequent hiring of Rafa with another poor managerial choice. My love affair with RDM was cut short, but it leaves the door open to another exciting manager hunt. I personally would like to see someone with a Chelsea past become manager or I would like to see Chelsea get a top class manager. What I'm really excited for/hoping for is the return of the prodigal son, Jose Mourinho. Nothing sends a chill down my spine more than re-watching videos of fans at the bridge singing his name. Lets hope that Gullit is right.

This isn't the video I was looking for, but it will have to do:

3). The way Chelsea has been snapping up young talent lately has me really excited for the future, as stated in point #1. Admittedly I haven't seen too much of Wallace or Cuevas but I've read the scouting reports and they will be exciting players to watch in the next few years.

4). Looking forward to summer arrivals. While this doesn't really have much to do with THIS season, it is still something that helps me get through my days without developing a serious drinking problem. Rumors are rumors but imagining how good Chelsea could be with a few select additions is an escape from the reality we live in under Rafa.

5). The FA cup. We're still in it! Despite it being only the 6th round, I consider that a bright spot in this dismal season.

6). Watching the brilliance of Mata, Oscar, and Hazard. While we still need to figure out the right way to utilize them in the right way, they all have produced brilliant moments of skill that are just sublime to watch. Wow, I'm really running out of things to be positive about...

In terms of trophies, this season is almost a throw away. While we're still in what was arguably the third most important trophy at the start of the season, we've blown pretty much everything else. Dropping out of the champions league was humiliating. One of my best friends is a huge Juve supporter, and all summer we were praying to either be in the same group or at least to have a tie between the two in the latter rounds. Now, every thursday I receive a text asking me how the europa league is going. Letting Man United run away with the title when Chelsea looked to be the best team in the EPL early on, was fairly disappointing. Finally blowing the CWC and the league cup is just the icing on the cake. Let's hope that next year is a much bluer year.

Oh and whenever I'm feeling down, I at least have this video to cheer me up:

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