Ronaldo to leave Madrid? - My thought's on Chelsea's Chances

Ronaldo to leave Madrid- my thoughts on Chelsea’s chances

Ok so I know it is probably unlikely but allow me to dream about Ronaldo in blue. And also, when you think about it it might now be as ridiculous as it seems.

Ronaldo Leaving Madrid-Makes Sense

First of all before I can talk about Chelsea’s chances I have to have a reason to believe that he will leave at all.

1. Refusing to sign a new contract
Ronaldo is currently refusing to sign a new contract or at least stalling and this may lead to forcing Real’s hand which lead on to point number….

2. Cashing in
Ronaldo’s record transfer was before the huge inflation of player prices over the last few years. If Real Madrid seriously wanted him to leave they could easily snap up 100 million pounds. BUT… if they leave it to the next winter window (the last before the end of his contract) than they will probably struggle to get that much.

3. Mourinho
Mourinho’s firing looks increasingly like a formality at the end of the season which means he will seek out a new club (whichever one he wants… he’s Jose Mourinho). Mourinho and Ronaldo have the same agent and a move for Mourinho could easily snowball into Ronaldo following suit

4. FFP and big purchases
Ronaldo is a great player but with 100 million pounds you could buy Falcao and Cavani or Falcao or Bale and so much more. With a Real Madrid overhaul inevitable the sale of Ronaldo would bring them enough money to bring in the next generation of superstars. Also the FFP means that they actually need the money from Ronaldo to make these moves

Ronaldo Buyers.

Okay so as I see it there are only 4 clubs that have any conceivable chance of nabbing Ronaldo. Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and PSG. However the first two are unlikely. Man Utd simply don’t have the money to buy Ronaldo and Ronaldo has publicly said that he will never move to City. That mean that if Ronaldo was to leave it would be between Chelsea and PSG. They both have their own advantage.


– He’ll probably be paid more

- He will be the best player in the league by a mile

- He will win the title every season

- He gets to live in Paris


– In a more prestigious league

- Still the best player in the league

- He will be back in England

- He will play with and against better players

- More of a challenge

- More in the spotlight

Ronaldo’s potential place in Chelsea

I think that Ronaldo might not make as much sense now that we have Hazard but Hazard could also be used as a makeweight in the potential deal. If he joined Chelsea here is my lineup

Gk: Courtois

Lb: Cole

Cb: Cahill

Cb: Terry

Rb: Ivanovic

Dm: Luiz

Dm: Ramires

Lw: Ronaldo

Cam: Mata

Rw: Hazard

St: Torres ( sorry im only using what we have + Ronaldo)

So what do you think? Will he leave? Can we buy him? Would he work at Chelsea. Comment your thoughts.

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