Luiz or Hummels, your choice ?

Hello everyone, I'm quite bored at home so I decide to do some small research between our handsome, crazy, glorious, afro, magnificent David Luiz and Mats Hummels. And made comparison between them, since they are both young, has the potential to be world class CB (I'm not yet classify Hummels as world class) and both has a sexy hair*

*ignore the last part, I'm joking

First, these are 2 videos about Luiz and Hummels, and I consider these vids as the best Youtube vids to describe their overall play. This is the video about Luiz, and this is the video about Hummels

I know Youtube video isn't the best thing to judge a player, since it can make Kalou looks like the next Pele. But I can take important points about their overall play: - They are proactive defenders with good spatial awareness of their defense zone - Both are great interceptors, and smart at cutting out passing lane for the attacker. They will be a great sweeper if they live 30 years ago - They are playmaking CB. They can start the attack from the back, either with a dribble or long range hollywood passes - Both likes to shoot from outside the penalty area (and those shots can sometime ends up at Mars/Pluto) - And this is one important point that isn't available on those videos.They are both error prone and has their own brainfarts. But the difference is Hummels's partner can cover his mistake, but when Luiz do his brainfarts his partner can't cover his mistake. This is one thing that I feel sorry for Luiz, either the issue is chemistry or something else, Cahill is a good defender but he rarely cover Luiz's mistake, he's so passive that sometimes he's relying on last-ditch tackles and his reading of the game is average. While Terry is now in decline, Terry is still a great defender but age has began to catch up with him, it is pretty apparent (and understandable) that his agility and pace has been declined, but he makes up with his positioning

I watch Dortmund regularly and have to admit Subotic is a fantastic defender, him and Hummels complement each other and have a great chemistry. But here is one interesting point, Hummels is more cautious when he plays for Germany. I noticed that he doesn't make ambitious passes so often, and prefer to playing safe at the back rather than venturing forward. This is because Badstuber/Boateng doesn't have a great chemistry with him, therefore he's less adventurous with his approach

Second, here are some statistics (average per game) between them this season (courtesy of

I include international friendly too

1. Offensive stats, Luiz : Hummels
Goals = 4 : 2
Assists = 0 : 3
Key passes = 0,6 : 0,6
Dribbles = 0,3 : 0,8
Disposessed = 1,9 : 1
Conclusion : Offensively, they are pretty much same. Luiz should be careful with his disposessed numbers, although maybe this is affected with his cameo as a pivot (crazy thing is Hummels has been caught offside twice this season, so apparently he also suffers "I'm-a-striker-in-disguise" disorder, just like Luiz)

2. Defensive stats, Luiz : Hummels
Tackles = 1,5 : 3,1
Interceptions = 2,3 : 2,8
Fouls = 1,7 : 0,5
Clearance = 4,5 : 7,3
Was dribbled = 0,6 : 0,9
Blocked shots = 0,4 : 0,5
Conclusion : Defensively, Hummels is more solid than Luiz. With his tackle and clearance numbers are pretty good

3. Passing stats, Luiz : Hummels
Key passes = 0,6 : 0,6
Average passes = 54,1 : 49,4
Pass success rate = 83,4% : 82,4%
Conclusions: Luiz has a slight advantage over Hummels, pretty slight actually. But it shows his passing attempts are more likely to arrived at the target rather than oppositions

Well I realized these stats are pretty raw, and stats can't paint the whole picture. But it's a good reference, especially if we want to make a comparison like this

Last thing, a good reminder. Hummels was a Bayern reject, well reject maybe isn't the right word but he was not considered to be the first choice at Bayern (he's a Bayern youth academy product). He joined Dortmund on loan at January 2008, in the same year Klopp first started as a Dortmund coach and also the first year Subotic played in Dortmund (he arrived at Dortmund together with Klopp at May-June 2008). Fast forward 4 years, they are now arguably the best CB pairing in the Europe

My point is, Hummels has one advantage over Luiz. He got the right coach who can nurture him gradually, he got the right system which he can grow up to gradually, he got the right partner and now they have a great chemistry. Dortmund is a perfect fit for him, they have a permanent and likeable coach, the system worked. I think if we get the right coach who can be here for long time (at least 3-4 years) Luiz will be as good as Hummels, since the difference in their stats is really slight, and from my observations, their on field game is pretty much same. I realized Luiz is now more matured, and improved compared to the first time he arrived in England, but he hasn't reached his full potential yet. I believe with the right coach and right partner, Luiz will be world class. I have a faith in him

Up Blues ! KTBFFH !!!

Has Rafa been sacked yet ?

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