Man of the match Eden Hazard leads another wonderful display from Chelsea's attacking trio

Julian Finney

Minutes played90
Fouls suffered6
If you're keeping track, this makes back-to-back man of the match awards for Eddie the Kid.

Normally operating from the left, Hazard was mostly a right winger in this one. Obviously this wasn't a rigid designation - Chelsea's attacking trio interchanged often, at-will, and to devastating effect - but in his post-match comments, Jose revealed that his reasons behind that change were to free Chelsea's leading goalscorer from the responsibility of tracking Glen Johnson's runs. While Hazard was just as involved in the team pressing as everyone else, he would often be the one staying furthest up the pitch when we dropped in to defend.

Unsuprisingly, considering his fantastic recent form, he rewarded his manager's tinkering with another excellent performance. He was a constant thorn in Liverpool's side (awarded six fouls and it easily could've been a lot more, including a penalty kick), his movement meshing perfectly with the rest of the attackers, and his game-tying blockbuster sending the Bridge and all neutral observers into hysteria. Give me your heart and your sooooouuulllllll...

2. OSCAR - AM CLR 8.2
Minutes played90
Aerial duels7/14
Boy, those small, weak Brazilian flair players will never make it in the Premier League, right? Just a few days after bossing Swansea City with his crunching tackles, Oscar did one better against Liverpool and influenced the match at both ends of the pitch.

Opta credits him with four successful tackles and seven (7!) aerial duel wins. He also directly assisted Eto'o's winning goal and led the attack that resulted in Hazard's tying goal. If we're generous, we could call that an assist as well, as his pass intended for Eto'o bounced off a Liverpool player and fell to Hazard instead.

All-in-all, truly a performance from Oscar that makes you say, "Oh, so that's why Mourinho's been so adament to use him as our number 10!"

Minutes played90
Tackles 4/7
Fouls committed6
After Thursday's match against Swansea, I said how we were getting oh so close to being able to mention Willian in the same breath as the all-action duo of Ramires and Oscar. After Sunday, we may already be there.

In true Ramires style, Willian was busting a lung to be everywhere at the same time. Also in true Ramires style, in his efforts to help lock down our left flank, Willian was called for six fouls yet not a single yellow card. Thanks, Howard Webb! On the attacking end, we saw a bit more direct dribbling from the Brazilian but he also took a controlling role in ball distribution, switching play effectively several times.

Juan Mata sure has his work cut out for him to step up to the level shown by any of these three guys on Sunday. A complete display of quick incisive attacking, strong defending, and ferocious pressing; this is what we've been waiting for all season!

Cech (7.4), Ivanovic (6.3), Cahill (7.8), Terry (7.8), Azpilicueta (8.0), Lampard (6.9), David Luiz (7.3), Eto'o (7.4)

A.Cole (6.7), Mikel (6.7), Torres (6.6)

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