Its Arse Kicking Time Again!

16 games into the season, albeit a few to go in what promises to be an exciting Sunday, there is still no clue as to who will emerge as even the contenders. For a variety of reasons, discussed ad nauseam, this title race promises to be the closest that we have ever seen in the Premier League history - hopefully without the drama akin to City and United a couple of years back. So it only made sense when Mou played down the relevance of the game at Emirates that could see us go top of the table if Liverpool don't get all six points in their next two games or we ransack the Gooners like Drogba was back! (Wouldn't it be nice to play Gala in CL!)

Here's what the Special One said:

'To be top of the league by December or even by the end of January is not crucial; it will be open till the very end. Every game is very hard, the distances open and close, open and close. Of course we go to Arsenal to try to win and with the objective of being top of the league, but if we don't, I don't think it's crucial.'

But there is a constant urge to see where we are headed and to celebrate the smallest of victories (among things like Koscielny getting injured!). While most Chelsea fans in their rational minds would agree with Jose, who doesn't want to be top of the table? But we need to be cautious. A lot was made of our December run-in and how it was easier than most other teams, but we have had the easier run in. Now is the time to look at the upcoming EPL run-in and what it could mean in the title race. Below is a list of next 6 fixtures for us and our title competitors and an attempt to see if the leaders can come through anytime soon and distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.


Man City



Arsenal (A)

Fulham (A)

Chelsea (H)

Cardiff (H)

Swansea (H)

Liverpool (H)

West Ham (A)

Man City (A)

Liverpool (H)

Crystal Palace (H)

Newcastle (A)

Chelsea (A)

Southampton (A)

Swansea (A)

Cardiff (H)

Hull (H)

Hull (A)

Newcastle (A)

Aston Villa (A)

Stoke (A)

Man U (H)

Cardiff (H)

Fulham (H)

Aston Villa (H)

I have not counted Everton and Tottenham as I expect us to finish above them at any cost.

Starting from Chelsea, this fixture list is why I disagree with Mourinho on the importance of the Arse-nal game. We win at Emirates and if we are able to maintain our home record, we'd be heading into January as true title contenders unlike the Pretenders we have come to know of in North London. Lose or Draw against Arsenal, and suddenly we could be fourth and heading into January with Southampton and Hull away looking like daunting fixtures. I wouldn't make much of Man U home. Since when has it been difficult for us to dispatch a mid table side at home?

One glance at City's fixtures, combined with their form at home at the rising form away as well, you'd expect them to take at least 16 points. Arsenal have it pretty easy too after their home game against us. Liverpool is possibly the only team with a more difficult run in than us. I know I said I don't make much of Spuds and Everton, but if things don't go our way we could see one of them leapfrog us for a little while and piling on the pressure.

A lot has been made of the title race but I think the sifting will happen soon enough. And the result at Emirates may go a long way in deciding where we are when the sifting happens. If there is one thing we know about Chelsea and Jose, is that we make our own luck. Part of making that luck is to not let opportunities, like facing Arsenal on the back of a short miserable run for them, slip away. Wenger will be looking for a reaction from his players. Our job will be to respond - to Wenger and to all those doubters in the media. KTBFFH.

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