Here, there, everywhere: It's man of the match Oscar!

Mike Hewitt

The Blues got back on track in the Premier League with a comprehensive win over cross-town rivals West Ham United. Here are the three stars who made that happen.

1. OSCAR - AM/F RL 8.8
Minutes played82
In a match where basically no Chelsea player had a bad game - the lowest-rated starter was Branislav Ivanovic at 7.0 - it was Oscar who led the way.

Whether that was scoring, creating, pressuring, tackling, running, etc, etc, etc ... Oscar did it all. Here, there, everywhere.

It was one of those performances that make you go "ah, now I see what Mourinho's on about with Oscar as the 'number 10' for Chelsea" even though there's still room for improvement (70% pass completion isn't exactly anything to write home about).

Minutes played90
Frank "oh no, not him again!" Lampard made a few critics eat their words on this day. Back in a more familiar (more comfortable) midfield three with Ramires and Mikel, Lampard had a field day doing all the Lampard things we've come to know and love over the last decade plus.

There was the penalty kick slammed home with aplomb. There were the well-timed, impossible-to-defend attacking second and third runs, not to mention all the shots to fill his boots for a while (coming in, he had 18 total shots in the Premier League this season). It was a performance motivated by the customary whistles and jeers from the West Ham crowd (it's been quite some time, guys, maybe it's time to let it go, no?) repaying his manager's faith and the fans' patience (well, some fans' patience).

Minutes played90
After doing a whole lot of nothing at the start of the season, Azpilicueta has suddenly become one of the first names on the team sheet. And not even at his natural position! Although if he keeps this up, he may make a bigger name for himself as Ashley Cole's successor than just another spare part at right back.

"Dave" may have finished third in your voting, but for my money, he was the most impressive of all. He influenced the game at both the attacking end (timely overlaps helping to create width) and the defensive end (covering the slow center back pairing with a couple crucial, last-man clearances) and helped in the transition game as Chelsea relied far less on the long ball (or, for that matter, lumping in cross after cross) than it's become customary in recent matches.

Go on, Dave!

Cech (7.1), Terry (7.3), Cahill (7.2), Ivanovic (7.0), Ramires (7.3), Mikel (7.6), Hazard (7.7), Eto'o (7.2)

Ba (6.0), Schürrle (6.2), Essien (6.5)

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