The Juan Mata Experience

Much has been made of the relative absence of Juan Manuel Mata García from Jose Mourinho's squads this season. For many the consensus second name on the team (behind stalwart goalkeeper Petr Cech), the Spaniard seems to have fallen from side fixture to rotating piece. Of course, this leads pundits and new reporters alike to conclude that the Happy One simply isn't happy with the effort put in by the Spanish trickster. Indeed, his quotes indicate the same.


"Sorry I'm not sorry," says the Portuguese. - via

"I want my players to tell me they want to play," Jose told the press following the tough draw at White Heart Lane. "We have our problems and some of them are not easy to resolve," he continued. "Some of the qualities of the players you cannot change. We have to hide our weaknesses and, step by step, we have to improve." - Source: ESPN FC

However, Mou's been tight-lipped on the matter when specifically in regards to everyone's favorite Spaniard not named Zorres. "The way I’m reading the situation and the reasons why, in this moment, he’s not playing so much, are things I can speak about with him but not with you," he said in another interview, when questioned about Mata's comparative lack of minutes. - Source: The Telegraph

Well, that's somewhat uncharacteristic of our main man in charge, isn't it? Nothing like his open and vocal handling of the situation with Kevin De Bruyne being left out of the UCL squad for the trip out to Romania. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more going on here. Something big, potentially, and involving one of my favorite players. I had to investigate.

I began by digging into every bit of news that had been published about Mata in the past few months. Then, deeper, into his words in videos, his blog, and even his Twitter. After hours of scouring the interwebs for clues, I finally realized the truth that had been staring me in the face. Juan Mata is a rock star.

I mean this quite literally. The signs were there all along, the constant talk about music in his blogs:


We won't stop believing, Juan; we've been fools gold for the longest time, you thriller, you. - via

Then there was the incessant tweeting about his trips to "visit" various parts of London. That's a tour if ever there's been one. Not too mention this photo of the King's Road he Instagrammed, clearly prepping it for album cover art. And that's when I found it.* The final, conclusive piece of evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Juanito's alias is a secret British rock star. A video of one of his performances. Now we know how he's improved his English so quickly.

*To be truthful, it wasn't me who found it. Credit goes to a good friend of mine that goes by the moniker David Bruiz (formerly Dudier Drogba).

So there it is. He hasn't been excluded from the squad for footballing reasons. It's simply this secret Mourinho has graciously agreed to keep: sometimes his gigs conflict with games, and Juan's first love is his music. So, next time you see the Spaniard's name isn't on the team sheet, don't curse the manager, the owner, or the football gods above; curse the Juan Mata Experience.

*** BREAKING ***

This photo was just released following the JME's latest set (which apparently lasted into the early morning).


Lol at this site name, I command you. - via

Let's hope Torres doesn't catch the fever.

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