Rafa and Roman, Sitting in a Tree...

Rafa and Roman--the strangest of bedfellows, really. Did fate bring them together out of necessity? Whichever way you look at it, Rafa and Roman's Chelsea romance could actually be a match made in heaven.

Rafa is famous for throwing the toys out of his pram when he doesn't get the players he wants. At Valencia, he famously resigned after saying that he "got a lamp when he asked for a sofa." At Liverpool, he again turned against his then Liverpool owners Hicks and Gillett when he wasn't given the funds promised for new players, ending up in his dismissal. And we all know what happened when he was at Inter Milan, when he publicly tried to strong-arm the Inter owner into buying new players after winning the Club World Cup. Poor Rafa! All he ever wanted was money for players, to build his "death by football" dream team.

Roman is famous for wanting to build a "Barcelona in Blue" dynasty at Chelsea. Unfortunately for him, Guardiola doesn't seem to fancy his advances, preferring the charms of New York instead of the £15 million a year contract being waved under his nose. Poor Roman! All he ever wanted was a "Blue Barcelona" at Chelsea, and with Guardiola at the helm Roman could even start to dream of signing a certain magical Barcelona player...

As fate would have it, Rafa met Roman--and as they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes over zonally positioned salt and pepper shakers, a lightbulb went off in both their heads: "I can (almost) get what I want with him!"

For Rafa, it must have felt as if Christmas had come early for him in 2012. As he gleefully ripped open present after present of attacking talent, surely he must have felt "I'm finally going to win the EPL and rub Ferguson's nose in the dirt." At Chelsea, Rafa no longer has the kind of money problems he had at previous clubs. In terms of player purchasing power, Rafa is in dreamland--he knows that as long as Chelsea keeps winning and dominating games like the Aston Villa 8-0 massacre, he can pretty much whisper sweet-nothings into Emenalo's and Roman's ears during their boardroom threesomes, and sign even a £40 million-rated player like Falcao.

For Roman, the utter pleasure he must have felt seeing his fleetfooted Barcelona-type players hit Aston Villa for 8 and to see Rafa fix his favourite toy and get it scoring again (after so many others had tried and failed) must surely have brought a manly tear to his eye and a secret wish to squeeze Rafa's hand.

Inspite of the odd result like the Club World Cup loss and embarassing 0-1 capitulation to QPR, Rafa and Roman's Chelsea romance seems to be going strong. Roman has even rewarded Rafa with a £7million new year's gift in the form of Demba Ba.

So, what are the odds that Roman sticks with Rafa after this season? Will this star-crossed budding romance endure for many more years, allowing Rafa to build a Roman dynasty at Chelsea? Or will Roman ruthlessly dump his new fling in favour of the irresistable Guardiola?

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