Isco Rumours

First of all, these Isco rumours are very unlikely to be true. If they were true, I would, as a Chelsea fan, be very, very happy. Isco is an outstanding talent, however, many Chelsea fans are complaining about the potential signing due to the fact he is ANOTHER attacking midfield and because they want to use any available money to strengthen in other areas I am completely and utterly bewildered by this.

The Problems

1.) The Problem of Another Attacking Midfielder:

- First of all, lets understand how many we have at the moment. Juan Mata, our main one, Oscar could be classed as one, but, I see him dropping deeper in the future (See Modric). Eden Hazard could also be classed as one, but at the moment we see him playing on the wing, however, he is more than capable of playing the central role, his preferred position. Marin could also deputise there, but he was useless there during pre-season. So, lets say we sign him up, he would be a bench player to start as no one in the world could bench Mata at the moment. When Mata needs a rest, bring Isco on for 20 minutes every so often. Eventually, he would become an option for the first team, his talents are wasted on the wing, so, he would play central with Mata moving onto the right or vice versa. Mata played there during the start of the season, and wasn't any less prolific. With Isco we are able to rotate far more, and rotate with quality. We saw what happened when we rotate with less quality players (Marin). Before you start having a go at me, I really don't rate Marin, overrated and in my opinion will be gone soon. Think of any possible attacking midfielder deal (Isco) as a swap for Marin. If this were to happen I'm guessing we would sign a versatile winger (Schürrle, Taison, Walcott).

2.) Money:

- The proposed fee at the moment is £15 million according to a few papers. This would be extremely cheap (I know), however, not too unlikely due to the fact Malaga are currently facing financial difficulties. It is also believed that his release clause is £21 million, unlikely to cause any problems to Roman.

3.) Would he Come?

- Maybe, the lure of Chelsea is very tempting. However, Isco could quite easily find a top club where he could get more playing time than at Chelsea. The youthful, exciting project at Chelsea could tip things Chelsea's way.

4 ) They're Just Rumors:

- For now, they are just rumours, hopefully they become more than that as he truly is a wonderful footballer. This year he won the 'Golden Boy' award ahead of Milan's El Shaarawy, who is currently second to Cavani as top goalscorer in Serie A, which says it all.

As I've said before, this deal is very unlikely at the moment, however, I really do hope this deal comes to fruition.

Here's a clip of Isco:


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