Ramires and his future at the SB?

I was thinking during last days about future of Ramires at the SB. Because for me, he doesnt fit anywhere in the new squad. Where would you fit him?

Firstly, what are his strenghts? He is fast, he has a great condition, able to run all the match. He is able to take the ball and run to the attacking third with that. Also he is able to bring some goals and assists.

1) Winger

Under RdM he was playing a lot as a defensive winger. He was providing us a balance, but with aquiring Moses, we dont need it anymore here - mainly in home matches and in matches against weak opposition, he is quite useless there - he wont provide there in slow offensive style anything special. For defensive part he can be still interesting there in matches with Barcelona, Bayern and another strong teams. But we are playing 10 these matches per year. And only sometimes we will use this way with defensive winger - still there is Bertrand on the RW as a possibility.

For me no. He can fit there, he can bring something there, but in 90% matches there will be more usefull Mata/Moses or Marin.

2) Double pivot

As we are playing 4-2-3-1 and we have full band of three in front, we can still think about using Ramires. But again, what do we need from pivots: Stability in midfield, providing balance between ofensive and defensive part of the game, giving to attacking midfielders opportunity to give the ball back. Pass the ball for short and long distance with some perfection - losing ball as a pivot is offering opposition some easy thread - behind them are just central backs.

Again - what is offering us Ramires as double pivot? Not a lot. He can play there certain role. But I cant really imagine him as a #1 on this position - he just doesnt fit there for me. All his strenghts are offering us something (outnumbering second team by quick, surprising run), but at the same time bringing us threads, by leaving space empty.

Again, for me kind of bad position for him. There fits more Mikel/Oriol + Lampard. For now, he is important. But if I would have choice, I wouldnt put him there. Too risky.

3) 4-3-3 B2B midfield

Role for him perfect. Playing just with 3 rows, where will be DM and in front of him B2B CM, who will be kind of "freerunner", able to play as he wish. Next to him CM, who should distribute the balls, keeping himself backwards.

This can be good option against strong teams, because its balanced, but against team waiting on their own half, or even worse at their box with 10 players, he is not bringing added value.

If I compare him with another players on the market - Deep lying playmaker (Modric, Benat etc) - trustfull, reliable in defence, with better passing abilities. Tank (Yaya, Fellaini) - similar type, but much stronger and able to play against weak and strong opposition.

Well, what I think, be fits perfectly to CFC till 2011 - when the wingers & AM werent able to provide speed, taking the ball and moving it 30 meters forward by run. Now, we have this already provided by different players around. So I dont see really much use for him.

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