Hi to everyone on this great site and my thoughts on the QPR debacle

HellO ! Goededag/salut/salaam to all , I am glad to have finally joined this site which such great diversity with fans from many countries. Those are the few greetings I know in a different language.

Before I go Straight to the point regarding our game against QPR I just want to touch upon our Torrid number. Many of Chelsea forums that I have came across have continued to discuss the Torres issue after his last non existent performance. Some say that our striker was in fact very close in entering the Guinness book of record for hide and seek.

Now I must say not only is our number 9 costing our side dearly but he also overshadows our poor team performance and problems on the pitch. The reason for this post is not to elaborate on Torres because I am already conditioned to his poor performances but to pick out the more complex problems rather than noticing how bad our striker is.

1.) QPR from the first minute were happy to let our CB'S have the ball . Taraabt rarely went to close down Cahill or Ivanovic allowing our CBS time and space to pick out the right pass. However as easy as it looks time after time Ivanovic wasted possession, his ill tempered runs and wayward shooting was very frustrating. However Ivanovic wasn't fully to blame which brings me onto the next point.

2.) Lampard and Luiz a central midfield pairing against a poor QPR team, You would expect alot more from these two in midfield, all the space and time to come deep pick up the ball and interchange between themselves and bring others into play,but every time luiz got the ball he'd go for a long ball or a shot. Keeping the ball in the middle was what was needed but lampard and luiz had no understanding of this at all.

Lampard is a club legend and I don't want to be labeled as one of those haters but apart from his runs into the box his overall game passing and dictating things are well gone. It was evident in this game loosing the ball on several occasions.

Luiz positional awareness in midfield are still lacking, his inability to move into pockets of spaces to receive from our Cb's was clear. Having an eye for a pass is one out of many attributes that are needed to be a good deep lying playmaker. Positioning , I believe is just as important.

3.) Last point stems on having possession and not being able to do anything with it. Whose fault is it? Surely mata is not our only creative player. The biggest culprit of doing very little in terms of creating chances in this game was Moses. Moses can beat a defender with ease when he wants to but when he gets the the byeline its as if his brain freezes, the best wide players are able to run and have the vision to pick out a pass simultaneously , something that he needs to work on. Its a wasted talent when you have bags of ability to beat your man.

I'm not picking on moses , but out of marin and oscar he has the ability to beat his man thus I expect alot better from him.

To end my points centralize around

1) Link between centre backs and midfield being poor and no fluidity

2) Once again the gap between our midfield and attack was to big , to many wasted long balls

3) Lack of creativity after 65 % who to blame

Whilst some may not agree with my points , I understand this is exactly what this site is for so give me your view I more than happy to see whats wrong with our Chelsea

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