Final piece to our pivot puzzle?

I have been thinking about our pivot and the obvious need for it to improve. basically in my opinion we need a midfielder that can break up attack and play a quick simple pass to the dangerous ones; an enforcer that tracks, tackles, intercepts, anticipates and generally adds more steel, but he most also have sound decisions and should be able to release the ball quickly and effectively. Partnering such a player should be someone that can easily distribute and aid transitions, someone who has the ability to join the attack and help in defense at the same time, someone that helps with the pressing, in general the main engine of the midfield (eg schwiensteiger).

But then, the possibility of us getting both types of players this window is low. Which brings the question, which one are we lacking the most? to me the obvious answer is the DM. John obi mikel is the only fit player in the team that is capable of this, whether mikel is good enough or not is not important (to me he is decent) but i also believe that there are sides of his game that dont make him elite, for example: a lack of aggression, he is not very good at picking up and stopping threats that are off the ball, his work rate, lastly hes and accurate passer and the sideways and backwards passing thing is not true but his passes are not quick enough. While i think mikel is good enough to be in the team, i also think we can get better.

so i have a few targets, each have played in at least half of their current team's games this season, accumulating averages of at least 2 for tackles and interceptions per game. Furthermore, all players here have attempted an average of at least 40 passes per game with an accuracy above 80%. Wait! mikel already has fulfilled this criteria cos he has 2 tackles and 2.4 interceptions per game plus he attempts 54.9 passes per game and is accurate with 90% of them. oh well lets still see them.

1) Roman Neustädter: 24 year old german that plays for schalke04. He makes 3.1 and 3.5 tackles and interceptions respectively per game. he also attempts 67.3 passes per game with 84.9% accuracy.

2) Etienne capoue: the 24 year old frenchman plays for tolouse. he makes 2.3 tackles & interceptions per game. and makes 67.6 passes with 81.7% accuracy.

3) Milan Badelj: 23 year old croatian plays for bruma's hamburg. Makes 4.2 tackles and 3.4 interceptions per game. Makes 58.6 passes with 83.5 success.

why would these guys be an upgrade over mikel? the gap in terms of tackles and interceptions he can only boast of more tackles than capoue. but the real catch is that these guys are more aggressive and more aware of potential danger than him and they also have a far higher workrate. On passing, mikel obviously passes the ball more accurately but that wasn't my criticism it was that he didn't pass it quickly, incisively or dangerously enough. Are they better? lets see: Mikel with his accuracy makes only 0.5 key passes, 3.2 successful long balls per game, and no successful through balls. Neustadter makes 0.8 key passes, 5.8 long balls and 0.2 through balls per game. Capoue makes 0.9 key passes, 7.7 long balls and 0.1 through balls per game. lastly, badelj makes 1 key pass, 6.9 long balls and 0.2 through balls per game. So there you have it. As i said before mikel is a good player and this is not to criticize him i just think theses three may be better. take from the stats what you may. As you can see the youngest is 23, i did that because im hoping one day young chalobah will succeed them.

The DM position is an area that chelsea really need to improve, and i hope they will cos with ba coming, if we get one our chances at trophies will multiply. sorry for any shortcomings in the article its my first time. And all stats were gotten from . this wasn't easy and it has made me appreciate stephen, graham, kevin, lamin, david and the rest much more you guys are fabulous thank you for your service, this wasnt easy. carefree wherever you may be!!!

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