Cech should be sold come summer 2014

Ok, guys hear me out pease. I know the title screams "shut up you moron" and I know what is coming might cause some kind of emotional roller coster. Therefor at the end I will probably have to make some sort of apology to all who read this and to myself. Yeah, I do have a heart and I don't really like doing this.

None the less I feel obliged to put this thought, it is nothing more, out here. For all our sake, I will try to make this as short as possible, you know like a good butcher would do, if he had to slaughter one of his favorite prize crowned cows (Now how terrible is this metaphor?). So, enough words waisted, here we go.

Why Cech should be sold at least by summer 2014

  • We have an astute young keeper that has been waiting for some time to take his place. A keeper I trust too fill his boots come summer 2014.
  • There have been some stories recently concerning the health of Cech. Courtois supposedly brought them up in an interview: "Chelsea’s goalkeeping coach told me he doesn’t know how much time Cech can play at the top level" he was stated on Spanish radio station Onda Cero. All as it seams due to some back and knee issues Cech supposedly has.

This has alerted me and I think we should try to do a Shevchenko and sell as long as the bomb still is ticking. If we wait until the bomb explodes we have robbed our selfs of a lot of cash. Now who wants to do that? We have the insight and if there are issues, no matter how much we love him, we should let him go for the sack of the club and future success. Were there no financial constraints I would give the man a live long contract as very few players have done more and risked more for our club. But as it stands I would even consider selling him already this summer and bringing in Courtois one year before schedule.

  • According to a statement made by the representatives of Valdes (goalkeeper of Barca), Valdes will not renew his contract running out in 2014. Making it an area to fill for the Catalan giants. Add now this bit of information et voila: "Chelsea told me to spend two years at a club like Atletico. After that one season in an English team so I can integrate myself into the Premier League". This being his second year with Atletico, 2014 would be the date set for his introduction to our team.
  • Cech like almost any player must have some kind of admiration for the work done by the Catalans. Therefore he should not be totally against any supposed move. Combining that with Cech being probably your best bet when conceding a set piece and Barcas defenders not being the tallest, Cech could be their man. He belongs to the tallest keepers around and his positioning is great making him a perfect fit for a team vulnerable on set pieces. Plus they definitely don't want to rely on their drug dealer second keeper to fill in the position.
  • Cech just signed a four year contract extension. Now this is actually a sign that a club is planning with the stay of a player at least for two more years. More so when such club is called by the name Chelsea FC as we have a knack of letting players see out the full length of their contracts.

But here is where I think we have been doing some mistakes. We have not been able to generate some cash, solely because we tend to let our players see out their contract and then let them go on a free. Players who could have still generated a significant amount of cash. Cech is age wise still in the prime of his career and anybody who signs him will think so too. He can still give them at least 5 good years before his decline might start. This all leads me to the assumption that we could at least make 20-25 mio. £ on any sale, as we have bargaining advantages through the length of his contract and his age

Sorry for the timing, as this post won't help anybody feel better!

Looking at the whole story we are best done by selling him while his value is rocket high. He gets another challenge, we have the right replacement and we get very good money. Keeping him around as second keeper would be an insult and probably very costly therefore I didn't consider that option.

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