Reasons, why I think Mourinho is wrong choice for CFC

After an article about Pep, that he is going to Bayern, many people were excited, that Mourinho is the biggest player in the game for CFC manager post. I'm not really happy about it. Why?

He is great in creating stars and leaders of the team. He is great in winning trophies. He can lead team for success. Sounds too good? Yeah. But there are some "BUT".

I have a problem here. He is great. He is amazing. He is able to bring trophies. But short term. He is able to do all for success, but he doesn't look like manager or person with long-term vision for a club. I see, that he has a huge ego, which is leading him to be maybe the best manager of the history. To win trophies with many different clubs. To be most successful individual in the history of football.

Yeah, the owners of the clubs are taking Mourinho for one thing - bring the trophies. Now. I don't care, what it will cost, I want a trophy.

That perfectly fits to Mourinho. Because he looks (from my point of view) that his top three priorities are Mourinho, Trophies and again Mourinho. After it, somewhere behind the club. He doesn't really care about clubs. Another wise, why would he leave Inter? Yeah, Real is a great challenge. But hey, what about club you left?

Now, lets talk concretely about CFC and Why I don't think he would fit.

We need a builder.

Manager, who will work not just with this young, great players we have, but also who will think for long term and will be bringing and building new core of Chelsea. We have a team, which can be winning trophies for next 10 years, if we will complete the last pieces of Rubbick cube. And I don't see Mourinho as a builder. He is here to bring results, so why would he think about building conception? Why would he involve more youngsters from academy?

In all three top teams, where he was, he left the team worse, than the team was before. All three teams after him had big issues with some positions. Even Real, during his third year have them. And last year, Real squad was almost perfect. In comparison, what did he left to Grant, Benitez and what he will leave to next coach of RMFC and what Guardiola and another coaches left to their successors, it is disaster.

Is he good in transfers?

Well, this is a questions. There are many fans of Mourinho, who are telling, that "Sheva was bought by Roman". Well, it is possible. I would trust this information. I don't reproach Sheva to him. But seriously, is it coincidence, that in all three teams were these transfers so bad? That Real is missing wingers? That we were missing good wingers? That we were missing good RB? That Real is missing good RB? That so many players didn't succeed in the clubs? Well, I would say this is a question. I would doubt about his qualities here.

Is he a good interim?

I consider Mourinho as Interim manager. He will stay in club for 2, 3 or 4 years. And move again. Lets call him longer interim manager here. Well, there is again a question, what will happen after him in the club. Players love him. He is great. He understand them. And than he will leave them and they have to settle down with somebody else.

Grant & Scolari had a huge problem with our squad. Well, lets say even AVB had a huge problem, which was actually caused by stars risen by Mourinho. 2 of these 3 managers were fired because of players revolt. The same problem was in Inter, for Benitez & Raineri. Coincidence? Maybe? We can oppose here, that managers were not good enough, but truly - should it depend on the decision of players?

I see him as a person, who doesn't want or doesn't know, how to stay on one place, who needs new and new challenges. And this is not what we need in CFC now. At least this is my opinion on this.

If we want just interim, who will pick some trophies for 2-3 years, he is perfect. But I really think, we need somebody else.

I admire Mourinho for his trophies, for the way how he can join the team and make player to follow him. But does it really fit to us right now? I would really like to know the opinion of local authors (Graham, Stephen Schmidt, David Pasztor, etc.) and also another people, fans of CFC, who remember Mourinho era and those, who doesn't really remember this. I would really like to know the opinion of people, who are thinking about these consequences, not just about "how many trophies we will win next year".

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