Chelsea V Stoke (A) Player Ratings!

Hello once again, friends at WAGNH. I want to thank you for the great response to my first set of player ratings and the kind words of encouragement. Below is my revised rating system, which is now on a ‘0-10’ scale for perfect evenness.

Player Rating


Player Rating



Monumentally Poor






Very Good






Very Bad









We will now delve into the player ratings:

GK: Petr Cech – He provided some nice saves throughout the match, constantly bailing Chelsea out of trouble. He was alert throughout the match and provided a nice save in the 41st minute which allowed Chelsea to go into halftime without unnecessary pressure. 7/10

RB: Cesar Azpilicueta – Azpilicueta had a fantastic game, actually. He covered both flanks and he seemed to be everywhere in defense. He did a better job defensively down the left than Bertrand, which is quite spectacular. He provided a great cross in the 47th minute which was headed in by Walters for an own goal. 8/10

CB: Branislav Ivanovic – Branislav has improved from Wednesday. Any performance short of Walter's today was going to be an improvement, though. Was good in defense, providing that physicality necessary when going against Stoke. I didn't much from him, however, that inspired me to give him a high rating. 5/10

CB: David Luiz – David was class once again today. He was excellent in defense and he displayed great skill when venturing forward. I'm sure everyone reading this can remember his run in the 55th minute, where he just ran and ran and ran. Unfortunately, nothing came of that great run. 8/10

LB: Ashley Cole – Cole did much better along the left than Bertrand, disallowing Stoke players entry behind our defensive line. He almost scored when he received a nice ball from Ba in the 51st minute. Good shift. 6/10

DM: Frank Lampard – Frank was great today, acting as the hub of our team. He provided an absolute peach of a ball to Ba in the 34th minute, which he almost converted. He wasn't bad on defense either. He played almost as well as Luiz did against Swansea on midweek, which is a huge complement. He also slotted away his penalty nicely and worked well from wide later in the game. 7/10

DM: Ramires – Ramires did what Ramires do: He ran at the Stoke defense at every opportunity and he was great in defense. 5/10

AM: Juan Mata – Had a nice day at the office, but nothing too spectacular from the Spaniard. He provided a nice ball from a set piece in the 39th minute and gained a penalty – converted by Lampard – but there wasn't anything particularly gripping about his performance to be fair. 6/10

AM: Eden Hazard – Ahh. What a great goal by Eden Hazard in 73rd minute; a great left-footed blast from 30 yards out capped off a great performance, which was already worthy of much praise. He was great in the first half, going against a rigid Stoke defense. That goal, though, was utter class and has forced my hand. It's also the first goal Stoke has conceded from outside the box in this campaign. 10/10

LM: Ryan Bertrand – Bertrand wasn't very good today. His run in the 77th minute made me give him a higher rating than his performance warranted, as he didn't provide much in defense or offence and he gave the ball away constantly in the early parts of the match. 4/10

ST: Demba Ba – Demba Ba was solid today. In the 34th minute, Ba ran onto a great Lampard long-ball, which he almost slotted away with his left foot. In the 51st minute, he provided a great cross to Cole which was only stopped by a good Begovic save. In the 71st minute, he was subbed off? Perhaps it was a good decision, as we need to rest of best Center Forward. 6/10

Substitutions from:

ST: Fernando Torres (71') – Torres was extraordinarily ordinary when he came on as a sub for Ba. That is all. 3/10

CB: John Terry (80') – Terry wasn't much better than Torres when he came on, conceding a penalty in his short time on the pitch. He wasn't horrible defensively, but the penalty really hurt his rating. 3/10

RB: Paulo Ferreira – Our resident demigod was perfect today. Eden Hazard was almost as good as him. 10/10

Please recommend this article if you like its content. I’d appreciate it if there’s more negative criticism in the comment section; much like Gregg Popovich, I’d like some more NASTY if you don’t like this article or have a suggestion (I want to constantly improve). I’m not offended by words – I can simply look away – so try me out.

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