I had a dream last night about our 2-3 home defeat to Manchester United. I don't know why but I was so curious to watch the match again, then I decide to open my mac and watch the match again. I watched United match and our 3-2 win against Shakhtar, because those two were the game where I could see some real fighting spirit from our youngsters

I know it is still painful to remember that match especially when we were robbed by Clattenburg. But then I didn't feel embarassed with that defeat, in fact I was proud how our youngsters fight for the badge, for Chelsea. I was satisfied with the performance that day (excluding the goal). They never gave up, even until down to 9 men they still managed to gave 1 shot on goal. That's why they can held their head high and stay strong because we were really robbed and gave a good fight to the red side of Manchester. They fought together, they lose together, together they felt the hunger, anger, emotions how they were treaten unfairly by Clattenburg. And seems ready to give United revenge and payback. I feel that "Unity" feeling when I see them, I was pleased with this because they will learn the "bonding" process with this defeat, and stick together as a team

Then come again the Shakhtar game at the Bridge, without Terry, Cole, Lampard and Drogba. If my memory were correct Bertrand misplaced an easy passes after the kick off, that was a sign that they were pretty anxious/nervous about the match. Then after all seems lost (well draw actually) Moses heads the ball to the net and Stamford Bridge erupted. And there were clear signs of relief and happiness from our players, I was happy too because our lineup didn't even consist one of the old guard (Cech doesn't count old guard for me) to ease the pressure. And again I felt that "Unity" feelings again at that match

But well no happy ending here, after the massacre at Turin our beloved manager Roberto Di Matteo sacked and replaced by Rafael Benitez, an appointment that enraged the whole Stamford Bridge crowds

I don't know but I haven't see that "unity" again in our players recently, and at us (the fans) too. Whether it is because of the manager, the owner, the board, or Torres I haven't feel that "unity" feeling again like early in the season

Rafael Benitez is a decent manager but he is not the same Benitez who won CL with Valencia and Liverpool. He spent the last 2 years making football application for iPad and do some random blogging activites. Will you trust him if someone like that managing your team? I personally no, he won't make this squad "bonded" together like Mourinho's Chelsea

Do you remember this?

Yes that was the time when Lampard scores the penalty a week after his mother passed away. Again see Drogba, Malouda, Ballack and later the other Chelsea players cuddle him and try to console him (not the way we cuddle Torres, this is different!!!) you can see there is a bond, togetherness and willing to share your friend's pain. It was such an emotional moment, I hope our youngsters can learn that togetherness from the old guard

And do you remember this?

Yes, painful isn't it? We lose our PL title to United in 2007 and that picture is Mourinho consoling Terry and Lampard. Note that those two "mentally strong warriors" cried, and Mourinho is there to console them. In here he acted like a father figure to them

You get my point? We need a manager to be that father figure to our youngsters. Mourinho, Pep, Klopp or someone else. They need experienced tactician to rally them, teach them how to play as a unit and give them a hug when they go down and need help

So this is the end of my rant. I know this is not the right time to discuss about old guard, we supposed to discuss the new blood. But this is an important lesson from the old guard. If you get the right manager you can play as a unit and grow together as a family, and you will form a great, cohessive unit that will be tough to break down. Like Mourinho's Chelsea, a team that was feared by everyone and as a consequences, Stamford Bridge will be a fortress again:)

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