I know that John Obi Mikel is a huge favourite within the main structure of WAGNH, and I know that anyone that tries to put the Nigerian down gets absolutely hacked down for it but here is my point on the debate

Mikel has been at Chelsea for a number of years now and has developed into an extremely good footballer. Nobody on the planet who has seen Mikel play can deny the fact that on the ball he is composed and solid defensively. His tall, strong build is perfect for the position that RDM chooses to play him in and at a glance seems perfect for the position he finds himself playing at the moment.

However. I really do not believe that Mikel fits into the philosophy that is being targeted by Chelsea at this moment in time.

After the Super Cup (I don't care what anyone says, that game was not a glorified friendly, it was a match to win a European trophy) many people took to WAGNH and said that Mikel had looked the only good player for Chelsea and that his efforts stood out among the rest. After watching the game over again I could not see why the comments appeared. Mikel, like every other member of the team that was out on the pitch looked absolutely beaten. Nobody could handle the pace in which Athletico Madrid attacked and also retreated into a formidable wall of red and white.

The following points are not blaming Mikel for the goals I am just pointing out that him too also had a very bad game.


Mikel was sitting way to high up the pitch for this goal at the moment that Adrian Lopez slotted the ball through the defence. Mikel failed to spot the two players that were stood 5 yards behind and right of him. I feel at this point, Mikel should of been between Lopez and our defence instead he was caught ball watching and not looking at his surroundings. From that moment on to the moment the ball was in the net I thought the defending partnership of Cahill and Luiz was abysmal.


Again, Lopez made Mikel look like an inexperienced youth not knowing where to stand or how to deal with someone attacking him. Mikel just stood and watched as Lopez ran right past him allowing him to then find Koke. Again, from this point on our defence was just non existent, extremely poor would be an understatement. The David Luiz fumble over the ball and the stepping off by Cole just enabled Falcao to do what he is paid to do. I feel though at the time Falcao receives the ball there was plenty of time for Mikel to carry his run on and prevent Falcao from having the angle to shoot. If you watch this goal again you will see Mikel get passed by Lopez and then just completely give up. If that is the sign of a player who had a "good game" then I don't know what is wrong with the world.


This is a very quick break and at this point the team looked beaten and their passion for the game completely non-existent. But yet again, I am picking out Mikel at something which I feel like he could and should of done, I'm not saying this would of prevented the goal but who knows. As Turan was running from his own half towards the edge of our 18 yard box Mikel does the right thing and just covers the centre of the field perfectly, however, when Turan cuts in on his left and slows the ball down, Mikel just keeps the 5 yard gap from him to Turan intact and does not offer any pressure whatsoever, also Gary Cahill does not press against Turan but Mikel was in a better position to just apply some pressure to Turan. Instead, Turan had all the time in the world just to look up, see Falcao and play a delightful ball to him. Ramires here is just awful, plain awful. 3-0.


Unfortunate, very unfortunate.

Overall, in this game I have highlighted Mikel specifically in their first 3 goals. I am not solely laying the blame on his doorstep.

As a final point...

With this new philosophy of attacking football we can only attack if we move the ball forward fast. I feel like the two pivots need to receive the ball or intercept it and then give to the quick attacking force of the team as quickly as possible. At the moment we are caught in the middle of last season and what we are aiming to be. The midfield play is just too slow and repetitive.

For me, Mikel is great at shielding the defence and I can not think of many that are so composed in their own half when on the ball, but he slows play right down all too often and a replacement is much needed. It would of been perfect if Essien came back from his injury in tip top condition as he is a world beater in that position, his attacking qualities equally as good as his defensive ones. Finally, I feel it is too easy to praise Mikel when we are playing lower league teams as two holding midfielders and a four man defence is more than enough to conquer the likes of Wigan Athletic. When we play lower teams like that I'd like to see us drop that extra pivot and place another attacker on the field to fully take advantage of our position against the weaker team.

It's just my opinion all of this, everyone is different and everyone has their own opinion on the matter. I'm not trying to change peoples viewpoint I'm merely just expressing mine.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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