Oscar is not ready for double pivot

This is my first post on WAGNH as i've been following WAGNH for only few months. This could be the most unimportant post on WAGNH I guess, but still I feel the need to write this since nobody in my house cares with what I'm thinking.

On Sep 10, Graham posted a piece quoting Eddie about Oscar that he's not ready yet for double pivot:

Oscar can play in number of positions. We are blessed with players who can play in multiple postions. He can play in the number 7 role. Again he is not going to be a old fashion winger. He's not that style of player. He can play in the number 10 role. He can also play in the 6 and 8 role. Where Lampard and Obi play. He isn't ready to play in the number 6 or 8 role yet, but it's something he has. The number 10 and 7 he can play in those positions the most.

-Eddie Newton. Source: Premier League TV via Transfer News Central.

I suggest all off you would't really care on whether he's ready or not for double pivot or ready to play in other position if you saw our catastrophic midfield performance against QPR. Actually, Mikel did well unless his mistake that almost lead to a blatant goal by Zamora. Hazard & Berty did nothing wrong, but less dangerous. Yes, Lampard and Ramires were awful.

Honestly, I agree that Oscar is not ready yet for pivot. He's small, physically raw, and bla bla whatever you say. But that doesn't mean he can't play elsewhere. See Ramires & Berty did less in helping Hazard-Torres or making any threat in final third, they're not natural wingers and we all know Oscar did brilliant in right wing during Olympics despite he was playing to a more creative role, a No. 10 role, and yes, he's now Brazilian No. 10 in his only 20 years of age.

What I am thinking is, we had no reason to put him on the bench last match. Here's my opinion why:

  • Mata was rested so it was the right time to put Oscar as he's our another neat passer.
  • How could Oscar be ready for pivot (or elsewhere) if he doesn't get his playing time?
  • It's only QPR, we shouldn't put defensive-minded players like Berty on the wing like we're up against Barca or Bayern. Offering very little didn't he? (No Berty, I love you, I don't blame you for causing no harm)
  • We only used 2 subs from possible 3, with Lamps & Rami did nothing effective in first 75 mins, not trying him was a mistake. I watched Chelsea vs QPR with my two brothers and from their neutral perspective, looked like a draw was enough for Robbie.

I have to say that apart from Luiz, there was a little feeling told me that Berty & Ramires wouldn't play effectively; and it was right. I was looking for Studge & Oscar played together with Hazard in supporting Torres but I knew that Robbie preferred wingers who track back and help their fullbacks. But if we were afraid that those players would leave the space exploited, we could use Ramires or Romeu (more defensive-minded) in pivot instead Lampsy, who was terrible that day.

Remember how AVB tried to sign Alvaro Pereira and said that our youngsters weren't ready (including Berty) but then Robbie himself picked Berty for CL Final. I hope Robbie remember this and apply this to Oscar. Ignore the theory he's not ready, just give him more time.

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