Chelsea vs Reading. My thoughts.

I just wanted give a few thoughts about the Reading game.

Cech had a howler (sort of). It is probably a bit early to start saying he is over the hill or anything but a few more games like this and we may start having a more serious look at Courtois. Overall it was not too bad as he couldn't really do too much with the first goal. It was unfortunate that he got punished with the second but I am sure he wont make that mistake again.

As much as I love David Luiz, at the moment I feel much more comfortable with Cahill partnering Terry. He scored a nice goal to help bring us back into the game but even if he had not scored that, I still feel much better with him at the moment.

Mikel had a pretty solid game before he was substituted off. I recently did a fanpost about how Fellaini could be the perfect fit for out midfield, at the expense of Mikel, and today we definitely could have used some more solid in the air. The defence was put under a lot of pressure because whenever Terry or Cahill headed the ball out defensively, Reading often regained the possession in the midfield because we were losing the aerial duels.

It is very early days but Hazard is going to be world class and the premier league is the place for him. He looked dangerous just about every single time he had the ball and his relationship with Mata looks like it could end up being something similar to the Iniesta/Messi one. Hazard was tracking back defensively all the time and I don't think there was a single time he went for a dive. Unselfish all the way to the last minute where he could have taken the shot on by himself but opted to pass to Ivan for the guaranteed goal. If he keeps putting in performances like this, then he will look like a complete bargain for £32 million.

Lampard took his penalty like he usually does - LIKE A BOSS, but other than that was a bit of a passenger during the game. He was completely outshone by his team mates like Hazard and Mata but he doesn't need to put in a match winning performance as often these days as other players are able to step up. (Though he might get a little more worried as the season goes on off Oscar can get a few minutes)

Torres. He still needs more games to get that confidence back and just that half a second better reactions/little bit of pace that he is missing at the moment. He was *maybe* offside for his goal but if you don't get into the right position, you will never know. 2 goal in 3 games. Hopefully he can keep it up and start slotting a few more home.

Oscar will probably need a few months to defensively adjust to the premier league. His passing and movement looks like it will slot in perfectly, but he seems to be a fraction when defending and I think he gave away at least 3 or 4 free kicks in the 30 minutes that he was on. His movement and passing was crisp though and looks like he will perfectly fit the need that we have in central midfield.

Our defence still needs so work. I know that the stats were saying that Ivanovic and Terry is the worst combination defensively, but I think that being able to move Ivanovic in would help increase competition and I don't think there is anybody that is stronger in the air that him. A Cahill/Ivanovic defensive pairing would be pretty strong in my view.

Lastly, if our offence runs like it did in the first 15/20 minutes, for the rest of the season, then we are going to score 300 goals this season.

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