My Review: Wigan vs Chelsea

We kicked off the Barclays Premier Leage 2012/2013 with 3 points somewhat comfortable with a clean sheet, away at arguably the best team in the last month of the BPL 2011/2012, Wigan Athletic. This game had many plus points as well as a few minus points. Read on to see what's my take on the match.

After hearing that Ramires would miss out due to illness I actually expected Oscar to start after RDM said he could feature and that Mata should be rested. However the starting line up is no surprise. We started off with a bang when new signing Hazard provided 2 assists in 5 minutes. (heard that Downing?). First goal was an amazing piece of skill to turn the defender at the halfway line facing his back to the goal. Quickly spotting Ivanovic's run from defense, he threads a perfect through ball for Iva to run on to. Takes a couple touches before smashing it near post. Minutes later, another moment of brilliance from our young belgian who did well to shrug off Figueroa before making a fool out of Wigan's new signing, Ramis. Penalty, Lampard smashes it as usual. Great start and as every single Chelsea fan (and Wigan) would have expected the game to be a first day mauling. But it wasn't. Chelsea wanted to hang on the comfortable lead and hit Wigan on the counter. While many may criticise this, I'm fine, considering we haven't reached full fitness, team hasn't gelled completely and that we play 3 games in 7 days. Hanging on to a 2-0 lead away from home seemed ok to me.

Good Points:

- Hazard showing exactly what he can do, shutting critics up from last weekend.

- Good counter attack play form Chelsea

- Clean sheet can only bring confidence to our backline who hasn't been solid

- Good debut for Oscar, almost scoring.

- Bertrand is the only one to replace Ash in my opinion. Good job.

- Torres made numerous good runs

- Mikel more stable than last weekend

- Not sure if this counts, but Moses had a good game

Minus Points:

- Should have had more attempts at goal. That was our lowest in five years in the BPL.

- Should spot torres' runs more often, especially Lampard. He's too used to Drogba.

- Lampard seems more reluctant to take shots these days.

Player Ratings:

Cech: 7 (Didn't have much to do)

Luiz: 8 (Made quite a few interceptions, did not loose ball too often)

Terry: 8 (Solid)

Ash: 7 (Had one or two mistakes but he's Ash)

Mikel: 7 (Did his job neatly, still should pick up the pace a bit more for me)

Lampard: 7 (Good penalty, should spot torres runs more often. Good balls to hazard in both goals)

Bertrand: 8 (Did very well helping Ash as well as attacking)

Mata: 7 (Did well, combining well with Hazard too, average game I'd say)

Hazard: 9 (Only lacked a goal, great debut)

Torres: 8 (Did well, made good runs, unlucky)

Oscar: 7 (In his short appearance, made a good run showing his pace and almost capped a goal)

Meireles: 7 (Short cameo, no mistakes)

Overall, good game, job done. 2 games at home against Reading and Newcastle, I expect 6 points. It will be the first time at home for the season and I'm sure the fans will infuse positive energy to the team.

PS: Pls let me know how to improve my review structure. I intend to do this for every game. Thank You

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