1 Defensive and 1 Deep Lying Midfielder Chelsea should look at

It seem to be common knowledge now that Chelsea will deploy themselves in a 4-2-3-1 formation under Robbie Di Matteo the big questions seems to be who will fill in the two deep midfielders in this setup (this is of course excluding the Stirker and attacking band of three discussions) below are a two players Chelsea may or may not have looked at (Who really knows what Emelano is doing right?) but that i think could thrive at the bridge

Defensive Midfielder

If Mikel, Essien and Romeu don't fill you with confidence in our defensive cover sombody i believe we shoud look at is Etienne Capoue

Etienne Capoue- 24-Toulouse FC

Etienne Capoue is a player earning a lot of plaudits in France for his no nonsence approach to defensive play. He has broken through this season to such a degree he was named ahead of Yann Mvilla in the French 1st division (Ligue 1) and was even called up to the France national team for their most recent friendly and was impressive throughout.

He loves to get stuck into a challenge and has a very good ability to read the game. He is very strong and has good ability on the ball. He has shown a good passing range and an ability to play long and short balls effectively he is far more committed to the defence then our other options but perhaps lacks the attacking impetus that made Essien so effective so we would see him shield the defence far more which is hardly a bad thing.

Add to this he had and average of 6 interceptions per match last season and a strong pass completion he could solve our ball playing defensive needs without playing purely horizontal passes.Looking at his traits it is good to see he can fulfil a variety of needs. Personally I see him as similar to the Grinning assassin Claude Makelele and with a release clause of around 13 million would be a relatively cheap buy and has potential to serve the club for many years having only turned 24 in July.

Deep Lying Midfielder

Again a role that the vast majority of the community has concerns about is our Deep Lying Midfielder. Lampard will probably start there this season and many have said Oscar can deliver from there too but again if those two are not the go to guys then maybe we should look at one Younnes Belhanda.

Younes Belhanda-22-Montpellier HSC

Belhanda is another player who had a breakthrough season hailed as the brain behind Montpelliers shock Ligue 1 victory this season he showed a capability of dictating play from a variety of positions on the field, Mainly a central midfielder he has been deployed in the deep role. on the wing and also just behind the striker (Top scorer Oliver Giroud now of Arsenal)

Belhanda is another player who is very strong and composed in posession and can accuratley deliver the ball to his team mates from a variety of positions. He is also a half decent defensive player as he puts in a good effort for the cause and helped break up the play well before helping drive the team forward.

Montpellier would be reluctant two sell the second of their prized assets in on season but a fee of around 18 millioncould be enough to tempt them should reports be believed, i feel he could really help Chelsea dominate themidfield will showing enough versatility to be used in a variety of positions and formations.

So what do you guys think are either of these two viable do you have other suggestions ( I know Sahin is one frequently mentioned) Please leave some feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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