Does our Unbalanced Midfield Betray Roman’s True Intentions?

Firstly to introduce myself; my name is Conor, I am a long time follower of WAGNH but rare contributor. I don’t willingly lurk in the shadows but my slow typing speed has condemned me to a life outside of the forums. Beyond that I don’t like to pipe up with comments unless they are somewhat informed (and often it’s easier just to listen to the author’s thoughts). As an alternative to this self imposed exile, I decided to write a FanPost and see how it goes down.

In direct contrast to what is stated above, my first piece won’t necessarily be based on informed opinion or stats but instead more of a hunch (hey conspiracy theories are always fun, right?!!? :-))

What I can’t figure out is why we haven’t purchased any central midfielders this summer? Abramovich’s recruitment drive in the last 12 months has been awe inspiring to say the least. A 50 million forward (Torres). Some of the best young Brazilian talent available (Luiz, Ramires). Probably Europe’s most hyped winger (since Ronaldo) and numerous other gems (Courtious, Lukaku) all illustrate Red Rom’s refreshed commitment to Chelsea Football Club.

This begs the question as to why we have not strengthened our midfield. As it stands, we are overloaded in other positions (see Oscar, Hazard and Mata who can no doubt interchange but so far appear to excel in the number 10 role) and yet we do not have one single regista.

Now of course one could point to Meireles, Lampard, Ramires or Essien . These players are all have certain qualities (box-box, shuffler etc) but none possess the passing ability of a Pirlo or Alonso. After spending untold millions on players, it is hard to understand why Chelsea did not make CM their first priority. The failed pursuit of Modric indicates that we knew of this problem and yet seem to have ignored it since.

I see no reason why we couldn’t have gone after Strootman or even Sahin (who other contributors have pointed out, would be a great short term replacement till Josh steps up). In my mind though, there is an obvious (if unofficial) explanation for all this.

Abramovich is leaving this area of the pitch as a blank canvas for Pep to create his own masterpiece (a sort of Barca 2.0). The idea here is to let Oscar, Hazard etc be blooded under RDM and then Pep can come in next year and bring with him the next Xavi or Iniesta. These players were essential for Barcelona’s tiki taka style.

It seems oddly perfect (if unfortunate) for RDM to do this years grunt work, so that Pep won’t have to deal with any of the struggles which impeded AVB (by next year Lamps will be gone and Terry will be not be a starter).

As to any arguments countering my theory of Pep’s imminent arrival – Yes, we did pursue Modric but I feel if we really wanted him, Levy would have sold him for an offer of 45 million pounds, especially when he only went for 20 something to Madrid (Levy is too good of a businessman to turn down an offer like that). This indicates that maybe Abramovich was being smart with his money (doubtful – considering even with FFP, if Roman wants something Roman gets it i.e Torres, Sheva). Either that or something went on behind the scenes that we are not privy to.

Anyhow once the Modric saga was concluded Abramovich appeared to give up on getting a regista. To those who may say there are no registas available, look no further than Strootman or Sahin or Pirlo. We haven’t even tested the water for any of these players.

What I am trying to highlight here is our complete lack of recent transfer activity towards acquiring a regista.

Of course my theory is all speculation and no doubt on the day this is published we will hear of Chelsea’s interest in Sahin (which while possibly making this article somewhat redundant, would be a superb move for the the club).

On a final note, I refer to Abramovich in relation to transfers because while Emenalo or the board may be involved in direct negotiations,I think everything eventually has to be verified by the Abramovich. So the buck stops with him!

Ok, well if anyone has made it this far, well done and please leave your thoughts below.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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