22 days left in the window (Poll)

With 22 days left in the transfer window and the general consensus being Chelsea still have a need for a signing or two. Once July 1st came and the departures were official Chelsea fans were left looking at a roster with quite a few holes and weak links. I think there is a near 100% agreement that Chelsea need and are planning on purchasing a backup RB with a ban from the FA looming over our captains head and the shudder we all get from seeing Mr. PF at the second spot on the RB depth chart. So, for the sake of this post and to negate the several comments about my exclusion of targets in that position, we will be assuming a signature from a RB (Appllecutter or whoever don't care it's not about RB in this post). By excluding that position we are left with three positions that I have seen people state we need to reinforce. These positions (and I'm neither saying I agree or disagree with a need at any of these positions) are CF, RW, and CM. So we are going to have a little review of some of the targets we've been linked with and then allow democracy to dictate WAGNH's most pressing secondary need.


Edinson Cavani: A name we have been strongly "linked" with in the past couple of days. Cavani is a fantastic striker for a Napoli side that doesn't get many chances on goal. With Nando's form being a constant question mark, Sturridge's disappearance from the second half of last season and Lukaku set to go on loan it seems that Chelsea fans will be nervous going into the season. I'm going to make a bold statement here based on what I've seen the handful of times I've gotten the chance to watch this guy... He has the skillet closest to that of our former striker and eternal favorite Drogba. The man has pace and strength and is no slouch in the air. On the other hand his work rate can get us into trouble as his penchant to track far back could leave us on a counter attack without a striker. Thankfully we will have Mata, Hazard, Rambo and Marko in the band of three who are all qualified to take a chance on goal. You may have noticed above I put linked in quotations. The reported number seems to be a bit low and let's face it, every transfer rumor is bull until Chelsea officially announce it isn't. Thanks Graham ans Stephen for robing me of my ignorant optimism of every passing transfer rumor.

Radamel Falcao: What can I say? We were linked early in the window and Madrid's management bitch slapped that rumor quite ferociously.

Andre Schurrle: Lerverkusen's 21 year old striker would be a good signing. I haven't seen much of him so I can't write much but I've only heard good things

Robin Van Persie: I'll bet my new champions league winner scarf that we will be linked with him before the window closes. He's 28 and had his only injury free season. Only way this would make sense is to have a Torres and Persie 1-2 punch bridge to the next generation of Sturridge and Lukaku. Also blocking him from ending up in Manchester while weakening the Gooners wouldn't be a terrible tactical move. However Danny boy won't be pleased in being subjected to the third seat again so I do not feel its worth it I just want to see how WAGNH feels


Hulk: If you aren't familiar with the pros/cons then you've been hiding under a rock in Amish country. I'm not wasting either of our time.......HULK SMASHHHHH

Victor Moses: Young, fast and EPL proven. He will be brought in as a backup and will give us depth and he won't make us all that much better in an obvious way but he will be a good addition and upgrade the squad.


Modric: This guy is still at Spurs and AVB has already done that thing where he allianaites player to train by themselves. With Real in serious (albeit stalled) talks and Chelsea not only being rivals but the team that knocked spurs out of UCL competition putting them in the need to sell its not all that likely

Sahin: Young and incredibly talented he has a hard time of catching Jose's attention behind all those superstar talents and supersized egos. He's "been told" he can leave and arsenal are apparently interested. So we'd fill a need for CM and piss off Arse a little bit more

With FFP looming I doubt we can get more than one of these players without selling the naming rights to Stamford Bridge so let's only vote on one. If you feel I've excluded someone comment with his name. If someone has already don't that then rec it please

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