Do we really need another winger ?

Hulk, Victor Moses, Theo Walcott - The wingers that we are linked to this transfer window. Hulk being arguably the best

of the lot. But do we really need a winger ?

Lets assume the squad stays as is, the wingers in our squad would be : Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Florent Malouda, Marko Marin, Kevin De Bruyne, Gael Kakuta. Lets have a look at them, after the jump

Now, from this list, Mata and Hazard are into the first team straight away. That leaves us with Malouda, Bruyne, Marin and Kakuta.If we look at the previous season, Ramires and Sturridge played a lot on the wings too. So considering Sturridge and Malouda don't leave and Kakuta and Bruyne stay, we are left with 6 wingers for 1 position in the starting 11.

If you think in terms of rotation of the attacking trio (including Hazard and Mata) , it leaves us with 8 players for 3 places, which is a lot of depth.

Now lets look at the players we are looking to add. Hulk at 25 is a sure star which we are looking to buy. If bought, he could give us atleast 5 years but limited resale value. He scores a lot, thats an advantage. But for 38 million, Porto is asking a lot. A player closest to Hulk, currently in our squad would be Sturridge, if you consider goal-scoring. Hulk's physical strength can't be compared, but I believe Sturridge and Ramires both can score as many goals. Hulk also gives us an option for striker, but then again, Sturridge prefers the striker position and can fill in when needed too. If you see the stats (Whoscored) , Sturridge and Ramires scored 24 goals and assisted 7 forChelsea in the last season.

Moses, who seems likely to be signed soon is 21. His assets are dribbling and pace. He scored 6 goals and assisted 1 for Wigan last season. At 10 million, he seems a tad too expensive. And I don't think he is better than say, Kakuta, Marin, de Bruyne or even Malouda. Yes, Malouda is not getting younger, but Kakuta had a decent season at Dijon with 4 goals and 2 assists (also considering he wasn't played for the last part of the season, those numbers are good). Kakuta is also a good dribbler who takes long shots. And Kakuta too is 21 and I guess is counted as homegrown too (?). Malouda on the other hand, had a very low season, but still managed to chip in with 5 goals. His experience will help a lot too.

Now for Walcott. He is proven in the premier league and is relatively young at 23. He is woefully inconsistent though. I wouldn't want Chelsea to overpay for him, asking price is 15 million I guess. Again, Walcott dribbles well and his pace is his biggest strength. At 23, he is reasonable experienced, but is he worth it ? Lets compare him to Marin. Marin has pace, not as much as Walcott. But dribbles well, and also has an eye for key passes. He is more creative than Walcott and can add more to our attack.

So as you can see, Walcott and Moses would be unnecessary additions to the squad, and could just mean an extended loan spell for Kakuta and De Bruyne. Hulk would add a lot of strength and variety to our lineup but at that price he is not worth it.

Even without them, as I said, we have lots of depth with 8 players competing for 3 places. We can expect Hazard Mata and Ramires/Marin/Sturridge to start with Kakuta and Malouda on the bench and De Bruyne on loan to a PL side. That would be the ideal situation in my opinion. Ramires gives lots of pace and stamina and can finish well (Barca chip). Sturridge has pace and excellent dribbling with a strikers mind. While Kakuta and Marin provide the flair and the goals from the bench. Malouda can chip in with appearances and help mentor the younger players.

But, if Sturridge or Malouda leave, Moses or Walcott seems a reasonable option. Until then, I don't really think we should be looking for another winger.

Marin and Kakuta have what it takes to be first teamers this season. Another loan for Kakuta will be detrimental to his growth and he could go the Borini way.

Instead, we should spend all we have on a certain Modric and a Right back, as they fill a need.

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