Predicting this year's Saga Award winner! (Poll)

I decided to take time away from my 20th birthday celebrations to come to my WAGNH family because it is time for silly season, which means it is time to start picking our favorites to have the most annoying transfer sagas. The rules for voting and discussing are: you are voting for most annoying saga not player, agent or team, however that should all be considered. Write in votes are allowed and if someone has already written the player you want just rec it no need to have his name repeated 50 times throughout the comments. Let's ignore posts from the Mail and caughtoffsides and stuff like that and really focus on how crazy the media has gone with these. And this is predicting who will have it at the end of the summer, so I will be adding RVP into the poll. I have split up two options in two, so vote on which one you fall under, then I will go back and do the math to give the winners and percentages.

I am going to give some concise evaluations of the transfer sagas after the jump.

Eden Hazard: Hazard is the only player on the list to have completed a transfer. He decided to come the the champions of Europe (insert goosebumps here) Chelsea FC. However before he decided that and the Chelsea faithful welcomed him in he had a very annoying saga, that was almost entirely self orchestrated. Somewhere in this thing called the internet there is a timeline of all of Hazard's quotes on where he will be playing next but I cant find it. Lets remember to keep out the fact he's a blue when voting.

Hulk: A massive sized man received a massive sized saga. The Hulk saga started a bit before Hazard threw Chelsea into the mix of names he was looking at, and yet here we are with no deal done, and that hasn't stopped an update from the media coming everyday. While a lot of the people in Brazil's media seem to think it will be done, Hulk, his agent and owner have all seemed to believe it is not as inevitable as the papers where reporting.

Moses: Isn't it hilarious (frustrating) that we turned our attention away from Hulk because of the ridiculous saga we didn't want to get caught in and then our second choice ends up turning into yet another saga. At least this time the owner acknowledges a bid, but now there seems to be a strife between him and the agent and he his blaming it on us (Why always us?) and has turned what could've been a half week of negotiations into what looks like a month long one.

Robin Van Persie: Another year, another Arsenal captain elbowing his way to the exit, with "a lot of respect for Wenger" but not enough to sign an extension. Van Persie is coming off of his first injury free season, where he lead the league in goals and won the Player of the Year for EPL, but Arsenal, as it is in recent history, failed to walk away with a trophy, in fact other than EPL they weren't in the top four of any competition they played in. So a few days ago it seemed the frustration boiled over and Van Persie announced he will not extend his contract after next year, despite the signing of Podolski who "is German and Germans know what to do." Since this one hasn't really begun to unfold, only the obvious 'interest' from Man City and then some rumors about Juventus have been reported, this one will have to be based on speculation. I believe he stays at Arsenal this year because Wenger will try to show him they can win a trophy, so they go all in on the CC, FA Cup and UCL which tires out the first team and all they win is the CC and he leaves to start another saga next year.

Luka Modric: Speaking of two year sagas! This one is well documented. we had 40 mil denied by Levy, now they have new management who wasn't popular with the players at his old club, no Champions League and rivals seem to be reloading all around them the Spurs will most likely ship Luka and build a team around Bale and the AVB way with the funds. I split this in two because I do not want people to vote for him this year if they are really more pissed about last year.

Dwight Howard: The only non-football player I've put on this list. I am born and raised in Orlando so I am a Magic fan, and I pretty much feel like how Arsenal fans felt after Fabregas. The city gave Dwight everything, we had a winning product on the floor for the past 4 years and because of Dwight's need to affect the roster and inability to make free throws, we have been championship-less still. Now he wants to move to a big market so he can completely be like Shaq. I separated these into two categories because I wan't to know if the constant whining and complaining of one of the largest NBA stars with a global following has reached foreign shores. If you have a television that gets ESPN in America you will most likely vote for this one.

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