Strikers: Who will be cheap and happy to be at Champions of Europe

I dig up some names, who will come on the cheap and will be pretty pleased to play second or even third fiddle to the champions of Europe, who have decent quality, and can be termed as ok goal poachers.

1- Nicklas Bendtner:

Valuation: 5m

Season Tally: 53 goals in 194 appearances for Arsenal and Sunderland on loan.

24 years of age, wants out of arsenal, is the self-proclaimed best striker in the world.

Now, if we can get him, and his assessment of himself proves to be true, he might be a fantastic signing for us. he is tall, he has decent feet, and he can give us that extra dimension we are looking for in the attacking third knowing that both torres and sturridge possibly play the same type of game.

2- Dimitar Berbatov

Valuation: 5m-7m

Season Tally: 46 goals in 146 games for Tottenham Hotspurs, 56 games in 149 for Manchester United

A veteran, pure class who lets just say demolishes the weaker oppositions. He is one, i am surely rooting for, as he can give us plenty still. he has the desire, has the ability, no doubt. and provided he stays fit, can even challenge Fernando Torres for the starting berth.

3- Steven Fletcher


Season Tally: 24 goals in 68 appearances.

Not as prolific as Berba, nor as ambitious as bendtner, but quite a goal poacher, can sneak, will never track back, will always stay at the shoulder of the last defender and in tighter situation can pop up with a goal, short term solution. definitely nothing in him for a long term.

4- Alberto Gilardino

Valuation: 6m

Season Tally: 169 goals in 451 appearances for different italian sides.

As far as i am concerned, he is better player than to be playing for a side like Genoa. Dont know why no big team is interested in him. for me, he is a very good CF. youngest player to score 100 serie A goals, but never really got the push. is now the time in a team which desperately needs goal poachers.

5- Oscar Cardozo

Valuation: 6m

Season Tally: 191 goals in 344 appearances mostly for benfica

Another one of those goal poachers who will be looking for a new challenge now that he has spent 5 seasons with benfica. maybe we can give him a new challenge.

Special Mentions:

I wanted us to have a look at the Micheal Owen situation, if he can come in for less wages, and keep fit. did not happen

Jermain Defoe was one , but i left him as he is also a bit too injury-prone as his game is not quite different to what we already have.

How i wanted us to get podolski instead of arsenal.

and how i wanted pavlyuchenko to cross the divide and come over to us and play in a blue and a white away shirt.

Other names include Fabiano, Adriano and Erding.

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