Romelu Lukaku : The Essence of playing minutes

An analysis of Romelu Lukaku's playing time if he stays at chelsea, and if he goes out on loan. It is quite clear that most chelsea fans think that a loan deal for lukaku is in the best interest of all parties involved, even the one lukaku will go to loan to, because of his immense talent and potential.

First of all, let me just say that there are two types of loans (you can differ on my opinion) 1- Jack wilshere, danny welbeck and daniel sturridge loan. and 2- josh mceachran, gael kakuta loan.

I do not think I need to differentiate the two mentioned loans. So, considering that in mind, it is clear that we want the no.1 type of loan as both the players and club require lukaku to be ready for the first team regular starting berth as soon as possible.

But, Is a loan deal actually the best for Lukaku?

This is what this post is all about. Considering we do not buy a new attacker, we will have Fernando Torres, Daniel Sturridge and Romelu Lukaku as Center Forwards in the team. Compare that to the other top 4 spot contenders, Manchester United have Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, and still Dimitar Berbatov with Bebe rising (surprisingly), Manchester City, i would not write their strikers here at all, too good just too good, Arsenal with Lukas Podolski, Robin Van Persie (still), Oliver Giroud, Park Chou-Young (still as well) with Newcastle having shola and Sam ameobi along with demba cisse and Ba.

So, who is the lightest in the striker department? yes, it is Chelsea. so why shipping out 18m purchase with huge credential and potential.

Now, as far as playing minutes are concerned, shall we just say that among English elite Chelsea currently have the most matches to play this season considering they will be in the club world cup, and will play the community shield final too.

Lets just see how many minimum matches Chelsea has to play no matter what. 38 premier league games + 1 carling cup game + 1 Fa cup game + 6 UCL games (and finishing 4th, so that not going to play Europa league), and 1 game in the club world cup at least. so that totals up to 47 official minimum games that we have to play. totaling up to 4230 minutes. (minimum).

Which club is playing that many games, that many minutes minimum apart from Chelsea? possibly some clubs in Africa or Australia.

A simple question. Can Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge last that long? 4230 minutes that we are going to play atleast. quite simply, the answe is NO.

But, lets just see the possible lukaku destination. Fulham (most likely)

How much will they play? who they already have in the striker department?

They have Rodallega, more experienced than Lukaku, Bryan Ruiz, more skillful than Lukaku, and Petric. yes they need a striker. so we ship out lukaku. but isnt our situation possibly the same of fulham. two strikers with abundant games to play. So why should we loan him out to a club in similar situation knowing we have to play more games. not to forget injuries do happen in the game of football. Plus fulham are not playing in the champions league and we do not have kalou and drogba who will take up lukaku's ucl squad place. so playing in ucl for a 19 year old, is that bad?, i do not think so at all.

let me conclude this and say that lukaku should stop thinking about a loan move as chances will be there in the squad and work hard especially on his off-ball movements. i think he can play a very crucial role just like kalou did in our campaign last season. until and unless we get a new striker, which i am very against, i think the amount of minutes lukaku can get while staying at chelsea and the level of competition, training, and experience lukaku can get will be better than any other mid-table or relegation threatened club in the epl or any other league.

(this is my first post so be a bit gentle) Thank you for reading!

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