Hunt for a new Striker...

The question is: Do we really need a new striker? My answer is: YES, we really need one more striker.

I'll give you guys a short list on how many strikers we've looked at this season and there attributes, specs e.t.c. And after that, we'll decide that which one will be the best striker to replace our legend Didier Drogba and to suit the formation, tactics, style of play, physicality and technique.

1) Hulk (25): Placed bid: 38 Million Euros by Chelsea.
Strengths: Strength and power are two of his best attributes, while he is also very quick with the ball at his feet and boasts a thunderbolt of a shot.
Weaknesses: The defensive side of his game needs work and his temperament can get out of control. You wouldn't like him when he is angry.
Career high: Winning the Treble (League, Portuguese Cup and Europa League) with Porto in 2010-11 and netting 23 goals in 26 league games.
Career low: A brawl in the tunnel in December 2009 saw Hulk banned for four months and while it was eventually reduced to four games, that reduction came after he had already missed nine matches. It was an absence that badly affected Porto, causing them to finish third in the Primeira Liga and miss out on the Champions League.
Style: Powerful, quick, explosive, a man-mountain of a striker.

2) Edinson Cavani (25): Placed bid: ----
Strengths: Powerful and strong, he is a commanding presence up front who can hold onto the ball and is not afraid to get his head on a cross, but most importantly he is a natural finsher when in front of goal.
Weaknesses: His eagerness to work defensively for the team can draw him too deep and his passing is not on a par with his finishing.
Career high: Winning the 2011 Copa America to make Uruguay the most successful team in the competition's history, with 15 triumphs, one ahead of Argentina.
Career low: It's a tough to call for a player who is on a meteroic rise. Perhaps the fact he only scored two goals in his first six months at Palermo.
Style: Agile, powerful, a real handful in the box who loves to play on the counter-attack.

3) Victor Moses (21): Placed bid: 9 Million + Add-ons.
Strengths: Young, strong and agile, very quick and great ball control.
Weaknesses: Poor when defending, little selfish with the ball. Passing could be a problem.
Style: Agile, quick, fast, and loves to get the ball and score quite often.

4) Willian Borges Da Silva (23): Placed bid: 27 Million Euros by Chelsea.
Strengths: Willian oozes flair, and his low centre of gravity makes him a sensational dribbler.
Weaknesses: His defensive side of the game is not the strongest and he can be caught out of position when he does not track backdf.
Career high: Being voted the best player of the 2010-11 Ukrainian league season.
Career low: His chances to impress on the international stage have so far been restricted to just a handful of caps.
Style: An expressive player, capable of moments of genuine quality leading to stunning goals and assists.

So guys, these were the players that are currently on the Chelsea radar, i know there are alot more like Andre Schrulle, Higuain and Falcao but either those players rejected the bid or those were just rumors. Either way those are the few players that still have a chance to be a part of our team.

I think that the best player for us will be Hulk. Few weeks ago i was crazy about Cavani and would love if he comes to our club because he really is a goal scoring machine and that's what we currently need but after taking a look at Hulk and those other players i decided that Hulk will replace Drogba pretty well, not only because of his strength and power but because of his assist, his goals, his skills. If RDM play him on the right wing, trust me guys we will have deadly forward combining Torres's right foot and his speed with Hulk's left foot and his power.

Willian will be good too but he still need to work on him finishes and physicality. He might not work or withstand the style of English play.

Moses. I really like that player and he did great for Wigan last season but again, only 21 years of age, not much experience plus his selfishness just might not work in Chelsea. But he could still work on it. I had my say, now it's your turn to express your opinions about a new striker at Chelsea.

-Peace & KTBFFH!

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