The Blues Heading For Another Trophy Winning Seaon

Chelsea's Winning Success Is Starting To Become Something Of Extraordinary Talent But Will They Be Able To Carry This On For Next Season?


Chelsea's spectacular and first champions league win after a penalty shoot-out win over Bayer Munich

Winning trophies is something Chelsea are just good at. Something many teams are jealous of *cough* *cough* Arsenal! Whether it be down to the Romans revolution or just Chelsea's all-round greatness being rewarded is something Chelsea accomplish for the spectacular performances every season.

Here's a Little something I made earlier so you can really see Chelsea's trophy winning skills.


Chelsea have won a trophy every season from 2005-2012 apart from 2008 & 2011. Still a very good achievement.

This season Chelsea can add another 7 trophies to that collection and I'm about to go through every one of them and Chelsea's chances of winning,so lets do this in chronological order;

FA Community Shield Vs. Manchester City:

This will be Chelsea's first opportunity for silverware but it wont it be easy, it's a stern test against newly crowned Premier League champions Manchester City. The match will be played at Aston Villa's home ground Villa Park as Wembly is being used to host the Olympic football final. This is a good chance for Chelsea to get the trophy waggon rolling but even I as a Chelsea fan don't see this as a easy test.

UEFA Super Cup Vs. Atletico Madrid:

Afters Chelsea's Champions League win that automatically entered them into both next season's Champions League and the Super Cup. The match will be played against Spanish side Atletico Madrid Who Triumphed 3-0 Against Atletico Bilbao in this years Europa League final. I do have a strong felling about this one and a win seems compulsory ,inevitable its imminent.

World Club Cup:

The World Club Cup is obviously the best tournament in the world. But its not. Only 7 teams take place in the tournament and those final 7 wont be know up until the 1st of December. It takes place in Japan in December and I'm not so sure how this is going to map around Chelsea's Premier League campaign but anyway this is the qualification criteria;


And this is how the tournament pans out;


Now this is the only "World" club tournament and it already seems Chelsea has won it. Depending on the squad RDM takes with him to Japan Chelsea's first World Club Cup looks like its already theirs before the tournament has even started.

Capital One Cup: Many people don't know the Carling cup has changed its name but the League cup is normally just a time for our younger players to play against some of the best teams in England and Wales a win is not expected but you never know what Chelsea's ambitions are for this season.

Barclays Premier League:

Di Matteo says "Manchester City have raised the bar. That is our challenge, to make up the 25-point gap in the league. They are doing what Chelsea did in 2004, in terms of how they have come on to the scene, signed a lot of players and tried to build a foundation. That's the challenge."

The Premier League This Season is a must win. The tittle challenge will be stronger then ever but our Chelsea team is stronger then ever. Last seasons disappointments will not be forgotten despite securing a champions league spot 6th place is just clearly not good enough. We did work really hard to secure our first champions league tittle but that was no need to slack in the league. In 2008 when Manchester United won the Champions League they also won the Premier League unfortunately finishing 3 points ahead of us.

To sum it up this season, Champions Leauge qualifaction is critical & Premier Leauge tittle is vital.

FA CUP: The magic of the Fa Cup seems to be gifted to us almost every season. Chelsea and the FA Cup are meant to be together and this season seems like a reunion is not far away. In the last 6 years Chelsea have won the FA cup 4 times and here's a quick fact in all 4 of those finals Chelsea Have Won Didier Drogba has scored.

Champions League: There's not much i can say about the champions league. No team has ever won the "Champions League" twice in a row I quote Champions League as the former version of the competition the European Club Cup was won 5 times! in a row by a in from Real Madrid side from 1956-1960. (something I wasn't alive tho see *thumbs down*) Luck and consistency will be key if RDM's men want to conquer Europe again and I strongly believe with a great manager such as him we can win the champions league again.

So Here's My Conclusion; Chelsea will win 4 trophies this season and i strongly believe this will be the case. The Community Shield, Super Cup, World Club Cup & FA Cup will be the 4 trophies. The reasons why I left out the Premier League,League Cup & Champions League are the fact the Premier League Is much stronger and the fact we are taking part in more competitions then ever fatigue will play a big part in wrecking our premier league campaign. The league cup is just something we don't win and the champions league...well Europe is much stronger and unless we muster up wins against some of the strongest teams in Europe again there's no way we will be able to keep our most prestigious trophy yet.

thanks for reading and btw I'm only 13 years old :p I will reply to all comment so leave them down below :)

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