Will The Wings Be The Most Fought Position For Next Season?

Well almost everybody knows that Chelsea have been one of the most active teams in the transfer window but how will this shape the staring line up for next season with all the current players of the Chelsea squad?


Two players who are raring to prove they deserve to be the starting wing man in RDM's super 11 via

Well so far after our first Pre-season match we can assume RDM will carry on the 4-2-3-1 method which seems to be the right mix for our defensive and attacking qualities. A big change so far is it seems Frank Lampard is going to be dropping to a more holding midfielder in one of the CDM roles next to who it seems will be either the likes of Essien Or Obi Mikel.

Our defensive line will most likely stay the same as the end of last season if no new signings are made defensive wise so you could probably visualise a back four of;

Ivanovic(RB): The Serbian is influential every season and seeing him switch from his central role to right back a couple times last season could make this his permanent position. he may lack the attacking skills but sure makes up with his defensive talents

David Luiz(CB): What more needs to be said about our favourite Brazilian after joining Chelsea in 2011 he really brought something to the Chelsea squad that we didn't have before! Maybe the fact he's just a class joker or the fact he just seems like a big child playing in center back for the European champions. Overall he is David Luiz.

JT(CB): We don't even need to worry about our captain(well unless he gets injured fingers crossed!) he definitely wont leave because he is the main man keeping that blue flag flying high! Am i Wrong?

Ashley Cole(LB): Cole Is Undoubtedly The Greatest Left-Back in the world let alone the BPL with really and trully the only left back in league with the same status as Cole being The Manchester United's Patrice Evra but of course with all Ashley Cole's abilities consistency and all his qualities he is obviously better. Ryan Bertnard may get a few run-outs for him to develop as a better Chelsea player but of course A.Cole will be our main left back.

Two players i haven't mentioned is our towering Center Back Gary Cahil who is only 26 has made 19 appearances for Chelsea since joining in January. It seems quite difficult for Cahill to make places in the starting 11 and mainly makes appearances when someone is absent mainly Luiz. On the other hand Paulo Ferreira only made 9 appearances last season 6 of them Premier League appearances could this be the end of the road for the Portuguese right back or the start of something new?

So lets get back to the main issue the wings. Mata,Marin,Benayoun,Ramires,Sturridge all 5 of those players will be raring to prove they deserve the wing role. Mata one of our main players last season on that left hand side, he didn't make such a impact for his country despite being picked for the Spain EURO 2012 squad and scoring in the final against Italy. He did play a much more central role in the champions league final against Bayern Munich but with new signing Hazard seeming to be the player taking that role despite his abilities to play wing it seems Mata's only competition is another new signing Marko Marin. Marin made a big impact against Seattle Sounders in his first match for the blues showing he was worth the money making countless runs down the left hand side of the pitch and getting off about 3 or 4 shots before finally scoring a very good individual effort. So who will RDM pick Mata or Marin?

On the right hand side now we have Ramires who has shown he can actually play as a very good winger with his pace and hunger to get the ball in the box whether the ball be at his feet or by playing a very good pass. Benayoun who was on loan to Arsenal last season (which I really think was utterly pointless) returns with a desire to get into the Chelsea starting 11 he also showed against Seatle Sounders he deserves his spot he is not the fastest player but his play making skills can be world-class if he puts his mind to it and last but not least is Daniel Sturidge he also has found himself playing on the wing, at the moment he is with the Team GB Olympic Football team so his pre-season will be limited depending on where Team GB Progress in the tournament but there has been many hints that Sturridge could be heading for exit whether this be a permanent deal or a loan deal we may not be seeing him for long.

So in my well awaited conclusion the starting 11 I predict for next season is ;


Ivanovic Terry Luiz Cole

Lampard Mikel

Ramires Hazard Mata


Thank you For reading this was my first post and btw I'm only 13 years old :P

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