Guide of the brazilians linked to Chelsea

Hi there, I'm new in WAGNH, even if I read this site everyday since last year. I'm from Brazil and I seeing a lot of curiosity here about the way the speculated brazilian players play. So, I decided to make a Guide to introduce you the way of playing of each one of them.


POSITION: Centralized attacking midfielder, just like Juan Mata played with RDM.
STORY: He debuted as a profissional just 2 years ago, playing for São Paulo. After a judicial battle, Internacional signed him and he started to be one of the best players of the club.
NATIONAL Team: Made his debut 2 months a go, being the best brazilian player of a series of friendlies for preparation for the Olympics (which are under-23, so a lot of young players got the chance do play). He showed good movimentation and passing skills, also providing some pressure on the opposition central backs.
STRONG POINT: The good passing, movimentation and tecnhical abilities. A truly creative player.
WEAK POINT: Physically not so strong. He is very thin. Also, not so good at deffensive skills - I guess still better than Sturridge
GOOD SIGNING? Yes, but for the future. He would be a reserve for Mata and Hazard in 12/13 season, one time I doubt a little he could play as a winger, because he is not too fast. It's a matter of adaptation, one time he still very young.


POSITION: Right winger, sometimes playing as center foward and left winger. Would fight with Ramires for a place in the first team.
STORY: He left Brazil very young and gone to play in Japanese League. So Porto bought him and he enjoyed sucess in Portuguese League and Euro League.
NATIONAL TEAM: Has been caped since 2009, but only impress in a game against Denmark, same series of friendlies that Oscar played. He showed some apatic display in other matches, even if scored against Argentina.
STRONG POINT: Physically is very, very strong. He would fit perfectly in the Premier League style of game.
WEAK POINT: He fails to be decisive. In Brazil games, he lost a good ammont of opportunities in front of goal, as well as he dissapear in some matches, like against Mexico.
GOOD SIGNING? Yes, but not immediatly for a first-team choice. He could start as a reserve and start to develop his skills and adapt for Premier League style. Anyway, he strong physics are the kind that is very hard to find.

Lucas Moura

POSITION: Can play as left wing or right wing in 4-2-3-1, sometimes centralized.
STORY: Started his career 3 years ago in São Paulo, receiving a lot of media publicity for some truly beautiful goals scored against... very weak teams. He failed to be decisive in São Paulo, one time in 3 years he didn't won any trophy and didn't even qualify for international tourneament.
NATIONAL TEAM: Never impressed. Scored 1 or 2 goals, but never playing very well.
STRONG POINT: Has good skills and a good shoot with the right-foot.
WEAK POINT: Very slow player (edit: I mean, slow to make decisions with the ball), very bad at deffensive skills. Not decisive.
GOOD SIGNING? No! He is a overrated player by the brazilian press. In Brazil, we have kind of a "Province Champioship" in the beginning of the year, against extremely weak opponents of the 3rd and 4th division, before the Brazilian Champioship starts. So, only in "Province Champioship" that Lucas Moura shine, he fails in national level and never played an international game for his club.


POSITION: Can play as second-striker in 4-4-2 or left/right wing in 4-2-3-1.
STORY: Started his career 3 years ago, becoming the be considerated one of the best talents of Brazilian Football since Ronaldo. Won almost every trophy with Santos, failing only in Brazilian Champioship and Club's World Cup.
NATIONAL Team: Failed to impress. Never played so good in Brazil as he plays in Santos.
STRONG POINT: Great dribbling, skills and shooting.
WEAK POINT: Just like Lucas, he is used to face very weak opponents that play very afraid of him and DON'T TACKLE him! The deffensive players who face Neymar just retreat, because they're too afraid of him. That's why when Neymar face more experienced players with Brazilian Squad, he never plays good.
GOOD SIGNING? No. Neymar is a good player, but not ready for Europe and he knows it. He fails to impress in some games of Brazilian Champioship, but plays very very good in the "Province Champioship" (against 4th division opponents, where he makes his best performances) and won one "Copa Libertadores" (international) against pathetic teams from Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, this kind of thing. This year he faced Corinthians, a more experienced brazilian team that we will face in the end of the year. He had really bad performances. Another problem is the fact that he always DIVE, and the stupid brazilian referees always marks the foul, something that won't happen in Premier League. Neymar is not a bad player, he got great skills, but he's not in Premier League level and is kind of overrated by brazilian press too.



POSITION: Centralized midfielder, distribucting the game, making the no-10 role
Story: Start his career 3 years ago, with Neymar in Santos
NATIONAL Team: Never made a good match
STRONG POINT: Good passing and shooting
WEAK POINT: Very slow and irregular, also, get a lot of injuries.
GOOD SIGNING? NO! Definitely, a player made by brazilian press. He is a common player with some momments of shine back in 2010 (Province Champioship... remember?), but after this, showed nothing else. Common player with great publicity.

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