Allegations and Double Standards


In the last few years, some prominent British footballers have come under the radar of the paparazzi due to cases of adultery. This article looks at the different kinds of treatments levied out to Chelsea's John Terry and Ashley Cole and Manchester United's Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney. In that essence, this article is just expanding further upon what Kevin Kostka wrote few days back regarding Giggs' appointment as the TEAM GB captain. I must say that if you wish to opt for better reading, instead of this post, I suggest you go here.

As I was saying, a certain set of players have been at the receiving end of endless stick from the media or the Football Association. Several Chelsea players fall under that category as well. Not saying the media has a specific agenda or something against them,but just that these players turn out to be easy targets. This might be due to their past profile being heavily blotted with red ink or maybe because their personal lives really attracted all that stick like a magnet.

Certain incidents simply stand out from the rest,like David Luiz, for all his adorableness, being criticized heavily due to his random bouts of craziness, or Micah Richards, despite him being the best English RB, being left out of the Euros team.

While all this about being slated for general reasons or having good work ignored is one thing, a player being accused by the Paparazzi of adultery is a wholly different thing. A false claim or accusation can change the course of a player's career, seen with our captain losing his armband, among other incidents, whereas most players get let off by either never getting caught, or being media-darlings get spared from the spotlight. Now, I shall be talking about the impacts of claims of adultery on four footballers.


  • The Chelsea captain, well not just captain, but as THE banner rightly says " CAPTAIN, LEADER, LEGEND" . He was said to be a gem off the field by an ex-CFC youth player, Sam Tillen, among other people who know him. Almost every new signing gives credit to him for helping them acclimatize with the surroundings and the rigours of a move to a new club, which can be quite demanding.
  • Yet his life was always marauded by controversies.After the 9/11 attacks on the WTC,he along with Gudjohnsen and other players,got drunk at an airport,abused Americans and got into a bit of a tiff with them.Another notable mention goes to the incident where he 'allegedly' took bribe from an undercover reporter to give him a private tour of Cobham,an incident denied by the club and player ever since.
  • But the incident that occupies the biggest red mark in John's career is his alleged fling with Vanessa Perroncel. Vanessa was dating JT's teammate Wayne Bridge when they said this happened. This was blown out of proportions by the media, partially due to the fact that the court had ordered injunction on the issue to refrain it from publishing in the tabloids, only to remove it a week later.
  • What happens when you press an open water pipe's opening with a thumb for a few seconds only to release it later? The water gushes out with some additional force. The same thing happened here as well. The tabloids went rampant with the news of the reported fling. This issue was denied by both John and Vanessa. It later got proved that it never happened, but were the media relenting? No.
  • This incident earned JT the infamous name of being a " teammate's wife shagger ", as Anton Ferdinand puts it in the court with a hand gesture. This cost JT his captain's armband for England and made booing JT a constitutional right of every non-CFC English fan. JT has since lost the England captain's armband for the second time again due to unproved allegations regarding racially abusing the aforementioned Anton Ferdinand ( Court Case ongoing ).


  • Ashley Cole was involved in several controversies. Be it the "Cashley" incident preceding his cross London switch or him shooting a 21yr old exchange student with an air-rifle or having been accused of several 'sexting' incidents.
  • He is accused of sharing photos of his private parts with some girls over phones. In a particular incident, Ash had asked a blonde to send him her nude pics, and sneaked her into team hotels at nights and had you-know-what with her, besides having Rosewine prior to a game (alcohol is prohibited prior to games) . He did all this with the fear or being caught by John Terry, the club or worst case - his wife Cheryl.
  • Nothing he did was justifiable and the media treatment he received was extremely fair,but on a relative scale, he got punished more than 'some' players got for similar offences. This and more such issues led to him getting divorced from his wife. He released no official statement regarding this matter.


  • Wayne Rooney was alleged to have spent a night and 1000 pounds with a British hooker and her friend in a threesome. The allegations have since been confirmed. The worst part, it happened when his wife was expecting their son Kai. Did these actions get punished by the media ? Yes. Heavily? Perhaps. Anywhere near the level of JT and Ash ? Hell no.
  • So that I don't get misinterpreted, I shall clarify that Wayne got the deserved punishment, nothing less, but Ash and JT's issues were blown far out of proportion by the media. His performance on the bed pitch too suffered for some time after this incident.
  • Worth mentioning would be that, Rooney despite his past record, has set things straight with Coleen Rooney and is a changed man as well as a footballer now. Hats off to the lad.


  • A true legend of the game, tearing defenses apart since 1840s. He's said to be a very faithful servant to Manchester United. Just if he was equally faithful to his brother. He was involved in a 8-yr long sexual relationship with Natasha Giggs, wife of Rhodri Giggs, his brother. Cheating on your wife or girlfriend, though it's an extremely shameful act, pales out in front of such incidents.
  • Yet, this guy gets talked about in the tabloids for a few days, and gets off the radar. What's more shameful? He has been appointed the captain of Team GB for the London Olympics. If I was asked for my view on the decision, it'd be - "AN ABSOLUTE [FUN]ING DISGRACE" . If an English skipper can be stripped of the armband due to some unproved allegations, why is a guy, who slept with his sister-in-law for 8 years , also confirmed by both parties, being made the captain of the team, representing the host nation of the Olympics ?
  • Another such incident involving him would be the one involving him and model Imogen Thomas. Giggs actually brought it's publicising upon himself, better termed as the Streisand Effect. In May last year, he sued Twitter after a user revealed that he was the subject of an anonymous privacy injunction that prevented the publication of details regarding an alleged affair with model and former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.
  • A blogger for the Forbes website observed that the British media, who were banned from breaking the terms of the injunction, had mocked the footballer for not understanding the effect. The Guardian subsequently posted a graph detailing — without naming the player — the number of references to the player's name against time, showing a large spike following the news that the player was seeking legal action. These claims too, have been accepted by both parties.

Now, that we've seen and discussed these cases, my question is simple, is it fair for the media as well as the FA to have such double standards regarding players who have been slapped with allegations of the same order?

Is it fine that one player gets all the stick in the world for something he never did, whereas a player who committed severe crimes of adultery gets away with just a rap on his knuckles. My mind tells me its a clear case of double standards and bias. Do share your thoughts as well.

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