The curious saga of Kula Rodmic


Kula Rodmic is a Croatian hero,born on 9th September 1985.The fact that Kula's childhood itself coincided with the Croatian war of independence (yes, I blame him for it,he's the bad omen)should tell you that this is a man who would be causing a lot of furore later on in his life.Let's see how his career unfolded with the times....

Early Life - Rodmic and his family lived in a village in Modrici near Obravac in Croatia.He was forced to flee the place because Lord Voldemort was after him due to the War he had caused.While his family remained safe and sound,he hided in the cold region of Siberia.While Lord Voldemort found him there as well,but remarkably he was rescued by Gandalf and Boromir,mistaken for the hobbit Frodo Baggins.From there he runs and runs and reaches a huge ground in Zagreb,with two bent lampposts at either end and funny things drawn with a BIG chalk. Maksimir2_medium

There few kids were playing with a funny round orb,which they called a football.One of them kicked it hard and it went towards the onlooking Kula. Kula then remarkably controlled the ball in the air using his Hobbitian superpowers.


Some coaches saw this and inducted Kula into the Dinamo Zagreb youth team.Thus an impoverished,hungry Kula had some money and a shelter to live under.

Adventures in Zagreb-

After joining Zagreb,Kula was banished to a cave in the mountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina.After using extreme magic to escape,he returns to Zagreb,where the prodigal son's return is celebrated.From then on,he impresses everyone is Zagreb and the rest of Europe.And soon inevitably,he catches the eye of the evil and hideous Daniel Levy,who places a phonecall threatening the Zagreb Presodent,and Kula is immediately shipped to North London Kancha-cheena-382_medium

The North London Travails-

After arriving in White part of North London,he becomes an instant hit with the faithful fans of the Red part of North London after numerous misplaced passes,shots and own goals.It seemed Kaancha Cheena's Daniel Levy's efforts to bring him to North London Whites wasn't worth it.Then,out of the blue moon,he got what he most needed,a provocation from his manager,Arry Napkin Modric-redknapp_medium

From there he never looked back.He won the support of the North London Whites he yearned for and became a pain down the anatomical asymptotes for the North London Reds.From there he caught the attention of Portuguese dancer/manager Andy "The Villa's Boas",who danced with joy upon seeing his talent Bgdzj_medium

The Main Saga begins-

Kula was subject to a series of bids by a Russian Club Chelski,owned by a Roman sugardaddy.It unsettled him,he wanted to leave and play there,for higher challenges and more money.But Levy just smiled when he heard this.Kula thought he had agreed and followed him,only to be put in a cage like a chicken.The transfer window passed,the Roman army couldn't break the cage's lock.Kula remained at NL Whites.

Soon the next season arrived,Kula was now wanted not only by Chelski but also by Fake Damnrid,a club in downtown Madrid.Kula wanted to leave.Kula badly wanted to leave.Kula very badly wanted to leave.

But Levy just smiled.......

He had decided that it had been too much,he said the spell out,and all that was left of Kula was ash,just ash 8e921483-f80f-4958-9abd-838100e811c4mediumres_jpg_medium

Kula remains a perfect example of talent lost out to moneyball playing.Many promising players came and went,but the loss of Kula was not overcome by the new players.

Note-The message remains that players should be allowed to move on when they wish to,after all they're also humans,and its humane to move on to better places.

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