Why Thomas Muller would be an ideal signing for Chelsea



I am sure you have heard the stories by now that Thomas Muller is unsettled at Bayern Munich due to lack of playing time. He has acknowledged that Chelsea are one of the many clubs interested in his services.This is unsurprising as some of you may remember our failed attempt to sign him for the 2010-11 season after the world cup. As a massive fan of Thomas Muller and Chelsea of course i believe he would be a fantastic signing for the club for the and this article will detail why i think he is an ideal capture for Chelsea the reasons are as follows:


Fans of Chelsea and England will no doubt have seen Thomas Muller in action be it at the world cup or the champions league final. At any rate in the instances you may have seen him it is hard not to be impressed with his ability either with the ball at his feet or his keen sense of positioning. Being just 22 years of age he may not be the finished article but he has taken massive strides in the last 3 years or so and looks to be a great prospect for years to come.

Muller's most renowned abilities are that of his usually deadly finishing (which has not been its best this year due to lack of playing time) His passing is stereotypical of a German. They are taught to be direct and accurate with their passes it is embedded into their footballing style from a young age. And his ability to read the game and react accordingly.




At 22 years of age (23 in September) Thomas Muller has a lot of playing time in his career and has a very bright future indeed. His youth would help us build a team for the future as well as become and integral part of it today. should we buy him this season we could get nearly a decade of service from this player something that would be beneficial. Despite his age Thomas Muller has played in 2 Champions league finals and reached the semi final of the world cup 2010 (He scooped the golden boot and young player of the tournament here too!)



Work Rate

For his age Thomas Muller is an extremely industrious player. In a manner reminiscent of how Dirk Kuyt was for Liverpool. Muller is always on the move and chipping in with tackles, interceptions,passes etc. His willingness to track back underlines the work ethic we could benefit from here at Chelsea. He could help relive pressure on our defensive players by committing an extra body at the back and them promptly bombing back forwards to aid the attack. He is the kind of player that when a game is tough against a stubborn defensive opponent he never gives up and always keeps trying to break them down (Much like in the UCL Final)




Muller is a man of many talents. He posses the ability to play anywhere across the front line including up front. His efficiency in all these positions is fantastic an though at his best centrally or as a striker he is more than effective out wide. He is capable of dropping to center midfield and has done so on occasions for Bayern his vision, passing ability and work rate make him an effective emergency cover for midfield while still utilizing his attacking prowess.

The following picture shows his various positions in a game against Schalke and what passes he made from within those positions.



More viable than Hulk

My final point is how Muller is a better fit for the club than other target Hulk. Though the prospect of having Hulk playing in blue is mouthwatering the realist in me thinks it is not a viable move. Many sources have said we will be lucky to get 3-4 good years of Hulk and that he does not always show up for the big games. Meanwhile Muller is so young and talented he has years in him and has proven he can perform in the big games (UCL, WC) while also being the cheaper and more sustainable option at a price of around £25 Million. Muller is more versatile is a true striker unlike Hulk and so can be deployed as such and more importantly will be a lot easier to obtain with considerably lower wage demands.

What do you think would Muller work at Chelsea? or is Hulk too good to pass up please let me know what you think of this piece and with this being my first piece whether i should asses other transfer targets.

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