Edinson Cavani Supposedly Confirms Chelsea Interest (And More Fun Transfer Rumours)

ROME, ITALY - MAY 20: Edinson Cavani of SSC Napoli celebrates scoring the first goal during the Tim Cup Final between Juventus FC and SSC Napoli at Olimpico Stadium on May 20, 2012 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Nothing particularly concrete here, y'all, but that's the fun of transfer rumour season. Chelsea are going to be in the running for pretty much everyone every year thanks to the vast amounts of cash at our disposal, and the fact that we won the Champions League last season and are therefore 'Champions of Europe' or some such means that we'll be even more of an attractive destination than usual.

So, who've we got today?

Let's start with a certain German whose name would be etched into our collective memory if not for a goal by Didier Drogba:

Cool! Kind of pointless, but cool. Mueller's a mobile number ten in the same sort of mould as a Juan Mata or an Eden Hazard, both of whom are already on the squad. I can see Chelsea having been interested in him before the Hazard signing, but not anymore. I'd guess that this is him angling for either a contract extension or more playing time - I just can't see him coming to Stamford Bridge right now.

Aaaand then some fun news from Javi Martinez, who was on Radio Marca earlier. Here is what he said:

I'm a bit of a Chelsea fan, because Fernando Torres plays there.

The Athletic Club midfielder is one of the brightest young prospects in the world and we should be absolutely champing at the bit to get hold of him, if at all possible. He's not going to come cheap, but if the presence of Fernando Torres means we're in pole position for him that's probably enough incentive for me to want him to stick around. Get. Javi. Martinez. Now.

Or is it? We have striker rumouring as well! Edinson Cavani has apparently 'confirmed interest from Chelsea' and would like to play in England. There's video of him supposedly saying that, if you're a Spanish speaker (and he definitely does say 'Chelsea' at some point). With Torres on the books, this makes limited sense from a financial point of view (as Steve discussed earlier), but whatever. Cavani is amazing in basically every aspect. Is this going to happen? I don't think so, but my goodness is it fun to dream on it.

So, there's your Wednesday gossip. Out of those three, Javi Martinez is the most interesting because he's both brilliant and fills a need, so hey. Be excited!

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