How Would Napoli's 3-4-3 work at Chelsea (Part 2)

A week ago I made a fanpost about 3-4-3 and how Napoli's style of play will fit in at Chelsea. I've now managed to find out how to do the tactic boards so I've attempted a more in-depth analysis. If you haven't read part I or you're thinking TL;DR the link is here. If you do decide to stick with me, you may want to head of to the fridge and get yourself a sandwich and some ale first because this is quite a lengthy read. Oh, and I apologise in advance for any bad quality videos.

So I'll start with this:

This is my visual representation on the 3-4-3 formation. If we do end up signing someone in the mould of Modric, or M'vila before August comes to close, then ideally, they would be more suited to the role that Hazard is placed in. I've also placed Luiz higher up than the other CBs to give him freedom to make runs and because his positioning isn't the best. I'm not going to explain my positon or player choices because I've already done that in part I.

So this is what I think the formation will look like attacking-wise:

The attack present on the tactic board, is the one seen when counter-attacking in 3-4-3. So let's use City's away kit and their 4-4-2 formation to reperesent the opposition. Notice how 3-4-3 has a narrow shape and the flanks are hardly used. That's a big leap from our current style of play. In part one someone suggested placing JT as a sweeper, so that's what I did. Usually a sweeper operated down the middle but I've placed JT on the left because of the presence of Cole, so if needed the formation can move back into a 4-3-3. Also note, that the forward three thrive on the space inbetween defenders. So a formation which usitlises width (such as AVB's 4-3-3) can be exploited. In this formation, the fullbacks are required to cover a lot of space. This is no problem for Rami who's bursting with pace and stamina but Cole, on the otherhand, has seen age wear him away and could potentially be exposed, if he ventures off too deep in attack. To counter this, Cole has been placed deeper in defence as the attacking brilliance of Mata/Hazard is in need of very little support. Mikel also plays as the ball-retriever, sitting in front of the back three and Rami has support from Bran, if needed. Hazard is the feeder but his defensive skills may let him down in the role that he is in. So I urge Uncle Roman to get his wallet out again and invest in Luka Modric. Modric has both the distribution and defensive attributes to play the 'Inler' role in 3-4-3. He also has support from mikel in midfield, so our defense would be robust.

Tactic Board 2: 3-4-3 defensive-wise

I once again reinforce my argument to bring Modric to the Bridge by stating that Hazard's defencive work rate won't help an exposed back-three. So if we ever consider 3-4-3, I urge Uncle Roman to again throw the £40m at Levy's head. Once again Terry uses his presence to operate as the sweeper in this 3-man defence and Ivanovic is given the option to charge recklessly at the oponent's number 9. David Luiz is given the job of protecting the box and Ramires and Cole provide coverage on the wings. Hulk's strength can also be utilised to push weedy wingers off the ball. Because of it's narrow and compact shape, this defence is hard to penetrate(no innuendos allowed here). However it is very exposed to aerial threats and the flanks are free for anyone to roam but this shouldn't be a problem for 3 CBs who are very strong in the air. I've also drawn in lines for where players will need to make runs and passes to launch Counter-attacks. Counter-attacks very much rely on Ramires' pace and Hazard's passing to link the attack and defence togother. Also note, that if needed to Cole can move back into LB because of his deep role as LM and Bran will move over to RB to form a 4-3-3 shape, if needed.

Comparing Napoli's Trident to Chelsea's Attack:

Lavezzi and Hulk: Both of the players named are very different but they have similarities. One important similarity that makes Hulk suited for 'Lavezzi's' role is his ability to switch between a Winger and CF. This gives Torres the support he needs and give us a greater threat in the box. Another charecteristic Hulk shares with Lavezzi is his ability to dribble with both power and pace, which helps launch Counter Attacks. However one charecteristic Hulk has that Lavezzi doesn't is the abilitiy to shoot from a distance. With a knock of the ball from Rami after a lung-busting run, Hulk can easily cut in past any RB and take a shot, which can only help us.

Watch how Lavezzi gets the pass into Cavani and then uses his strength to force his way past the Udinese defense. Ideally this is how Hulk should play.

Mata and Hamsik: Both are playmakers with great passing and dribbling ability, Mata also prefers the left flank so this role his ideal for him. Hamsik drifts from the flanks to in and out of the box and to some extent, Mata also does this when playing behind the target-man in 4-2-3-1. Both players also like to have a go at goal outside the box.

Now watch Hamsik:

and now watch Mata:

Hazard and Inler: Modric would be a better fit than Hazard, as I've already said about thirty-odd times but you can't get everything you want *sob*. Admittedly, I would prefer Lampard in this role to Hazard but Age takes it's effect on Gods as well and it's a case of fitting all eggs in one basket. The Marquee signings being the eggs and the starting line-up being the basket. But rant aside, Hazard's cool-head and slick dribbling would make him great in the "Inler" role. As we saw against England, Hazard is also tactically-aware and has got great vision, perfect for a feeder. Hazard also likes to have a go at goal, just like Napoli-skipper Inler.
The last delicacy of the day, videos of both players, Enjoy!:

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