A Right Back Compendium - New Additions

Now that Hazard is on the books, attention has shifted from our glaring need in the band of three to farther back. It's happened here at WAGNH, and I'll assume it's been looked into at Stamford Bridge or Roman's Mini-Giraffe Battle Royale Island* So I've tried to put together a fairly definitive list of names that we've been linked to, would like to be linked to, or that members have posted on in comments after the jump.

*This is unconfirmed as a real thing

Cesar Azpilicueta - Age 22. 5'10'', Solid defensive right back who offers options going forward. I really like him as I think defensive ability is something to prioritize with the offensive signings of Hazard (and potentially Hulk). Despite missing the second half of Marseille's 2010-11 campaign with an ACL injury, Cesar has made 45 appearances in just two years . Comments have been made about Marseille needing a cash injection, and their 10th place finish in Ligue 1 means no Champions League football next season.

Stephen's in-depth profile can be found here

Samuel Inkoom - 23. 5'10''. Playing for FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk he has not had a happy time there with both coaching and racism issues. Stephen calls him a good tackler and a workhorse, and someone who offers a lot going forward. I don't watch FC Double D, but I remember my sheer terror in WC 2010 every time he touched the ball against the US, and he's got another two years of experience under his belt. With all that being said, he plays for Ghana and that means ACON. I hate this tournament, the fact that it's every two years infuriates me, and it bears its fair share of blame for Essien's current condition. Losing pieces of your trophy challenging side every two years during the winter isn't ideal.

Stephen Says:

Gregory Van der Weil: 24. 6'0''. I have it on the best authority (a Leeds fan friend of mine) that his name is pronounced Thunder Veal. Recently linked to Chelsea, he made the usual complimentary comments and denied contact. He's been a first choice starter for Ajax since the 2008-09 campaign, and has 25 caps for the Oranje. He's a good crosser of the ball, which should rule out any Bosingwa 2.0 comparisons, regardless of any sketchy defending claims.

Stephen Says:

Dani Alves: 29. 5'8''. Waggles his fingers irritatingly and runs forward a lot. Roman likes Pep, Pep likes Alves. He's been averaging 17 assists and 3 goals per season for Barca and a lot of people think he's a very good right back. He'd probably cost a lot, and if memory serves there were rumblings of a move out of Catalonia not too long ago. I don't want anything to do with him, but he would make us a better attacking side for a couple of years.

Mathieu Debuchy: 26. 5'9''. He's been excellent for Lille, he's quick, he's a good crosser AND he plays defense. It's like if Deion Sanders could have tackled in addition to all those sweet interceptions. (I'd still hate him though, and I rather like Debuchy). He's a bit older than the youth movement we've been linked to, but if the £6.5m price tag is correct I want him in blue tomorrow. A two-way player is what we need from the fullback position, and Debuchy does it well.

Mauricio Isla: 23. 5'9''. I'd name the positions he can play, but its faster to name the one he can't. Goalkeeper. He's good on the counter, plays defense and did I mention he's versatile? Chelsea have been making inquiries and I don't believe there's a Chilean in the squad, and that's neat. To quote Stephen "Isla is known for his fantastic passing, crossing, work rate, and positioning" and just...yes.

Stephen Says:

Martin Montoya: 21. 5'9'' - I don't see this one happening. He played the full Copa del Rey due to an Alves injury and lifted a trophy with Barcalona. He has 12 appearances overall with first team. I think he's the heir apparent to Alves and I doubt they let him go. Valencia apparently went for him in 2011 and bounced, and I doubt we'd do much better. La Masia produces some terrific players though, and it's worth a look. Montoya is suffering.

Lukasz Piszczek: 27. 6'0''. Apparently the entire Borussia Dortmund organization is up for grabs with the rumors flying about, and if that's the case I'd like to put in an order for one Westfalenstadion with a side of Gotze. He's not the Borussia Dortmund defender to be going after, he's too old and I don't think Dortmund need to sell. A lot of people rank Piszczek higher than I do, they're very probably correct.

Tomas Kalas: 19. 6'0''. He had a phenomenal loan with Vitesse, plays CB and right back. If another right back isn't bought, I'd like to see him stay with Chelsea next season as depth at right back and get every Carling Cup minute, and as many elsewhere as possible. Then a loan in the second half of the season if a January signing is made. I'm possibly too high on him, but I think he's going to be great and I'm willing to give him his chance to earn a first team spot now.

If there are any other right backs that people believe have a shout, just fill something out and I'll add it to the list. I've spent a lot of time searching for possible right backs and creative midfielders and then forgetting about them or having to look up all sorts of information again, which was less than ideal. Hence this handy thing! So if you think you know someone who could be terrific from the Swiss or Brazilian leagues, get his name and some details in circulation.

Branislav Ivanovic - the Serbian manbear is one of the best right backs in the league, and though he offers next to nothing going forward, he's a goal threat from set pieces and he's had a tendency to come up big. He's quality and quality depth at both RB and CB but there has been interest from both Spanish giants, he's on the wrong side of the youth movement and he'd command a very nice price. Please stay Branners!

Todd Kane: TODD KANE, Todd Kane, Todd Kanneeeehhhhhh. Also 19, (Clearly no Tomas Kalas!) I can't find his height anywhere so I'll say that he seems to have filled out fairly well and I doubt he'd be outmuscled too much. He did well in the FA Youth Cup, and had a solid season overall.

Bacary Sagna: 29. 5''9''. I think he's quite good, but he's getting up there in age and I can't see Wenger selling a quality defensive player after the shambles that has been Arsenal's back line for years, especially to us.

Danilo: 20. 6'0''. (Great catch Blue Basterd, so I'll have you tell it) "We’ve traditionally gotten most of our RBs from Porto (think Ferreira, Bosingwa) but I don’t think Porto would take too kindly of us eyeing one too many of their players, with us being in advanced discussions over Hulk, and also considering a bid for Moutinho." He also has a 50million Euro buyout (Porto, just put them all at £100 trillion if that's the kind of buyout you keep putting up).

Davide Santon: 21. 6'2''. I hesitated to include premier league fullbacks from rivals, and Newcastle has to count after their performance this season. Santon covers both flanks, which I'm not too concerned about considering our quality at left back. Newcastle did give more time to Danny Simpson this season, but Santon got a lot of time in the second half of the year. This is a player looked at closely by Chelsea last season, and he's a top prospect. We have some quality prospects in Kane and Kalas though, and I'd prefer to give either of them the slot.

Stephen says:

Micah Richards: 23. 5'11' Blue Basterd says "With Mancini seemingly preferring Zabaleta to him at RB, it would be really nice if we rekindled our interest in Richards, as I remember us being linked to him a few years ago. Imagine if we did get him. England could potentially have a back-line entirely comprised of Chelsea players! Now that would be something."

Hiroki Sakai:. 22. 6’0'' Cl1nt says "Solid defensively (gave Neymar a torrid time), gets forward well and his crosses are good too."

Keep the names coming folks.

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