E3 2012 - FIFA 13


Also this is my first fanpost so any tips and hint will be helpful and appreciated.

the cover will be everyone's favorite person...Messi...


I've realized that we have a few gamers amongst us, I also know that we have people who either work or go to school. Therefore I took this opportunity to bring to you E3 2012, especially FIFA13.

The first gameplay of the trailer of the game has been released and here you go:

I don't know how excited you guys maybe but I'm pretty ecstatic. You may have saw in the trailer some Chelsea player, Gary Cahill and David Luiz. The new game seems to give users much more freedom when it comes to dribbling and attacking. When it comes to defending, it seems that the IA has gotten better; you saw in the trailer that Gary Cahill held back the attacking playing, giving our David Luiz time to clear the ball. The game engine is said to have gotten better since FIFA12, however since I haven't played FIFA13 yet, we'll have to believe what they say.

Something that they really specified on in talks leading up to the release of the trailer was the dribbling freedom. I'm not one to do a lot of dribbling when I play, unless I am losing or winning by a great margin, but with the footage they showed in the trailer it seems to be much easier to do a skill move. This may encourage players to perform them more often.

It then went on to show the Tactical Freekicks, in FIFA12 it must have taken me months to figure out how in the world to score a freekick. With the inclusion of Tactical Freekicks in this year's FIFA game, it allows players to be more creative with their freekicks. As you saw in the trailer, players are allowed to use a dummy, casing the wall some problems. It also allows you to use a dummy and a layoff for a player to have a shot.

It also showed the improvement in the AI, were we see the computer making intelligent runs to draw defenders away, creating space or making a run through the defense for through ball.

The game also allows us to use our voice more, from making a substitution to changing formations to changing tactics to even making your voice heard at a call. You are able to do this if you have a Kinect, I wonder however if this all is also achievable if you have a regular mic.

All in all I think this will be a good game. There were a few things about the FIFA12 game that I didn't like; like how every team, from Premier League to Npower to MLS played Barcelona, in the sense that all they wanted to do was pass you to death. Hopefully the can change that. Another thing that drove me nearly mad was the fact that 5'7" (1.69 m) Lionel Messi was winning headers against my 6'2" (1.89m) David Luiz, hopefully they fix that too. Besides this, I really enjoyed FIFA12.

In FIFA13 I have a few idea that I hope are included, like a clutch badge for players that are like Kobe in the fourth (first and last Kobe reference), players like our own Didier Drogba, another thing that I think would be nice in the game would be adding how certain players attack, David Silva of Man City isn't a natural winger, therefore he would like to cut in a lot when he doesn't have the ball, I think it would be a nice idea to add this to the game making it more realistic. Another think that I think they need to do is, bring back the engine that told us the rating of players in different positions, like the one they had in place in FIFA10, I would like to be able know if Fernando Torres is actually good on the wings or if Daniel Sturrigde plays better behind a striker, than say in their actually position. I would then hope that they include penalty kicks for Pro-ranked games instead of having a game end in a draw, while also allowing players of a Pro-rank team to kick out a player that is just trolling the team.

I would also love to hear what you guys think. If you have any other ideas that you think might be good in the game, your pet peev of FIFA12 etc. I also know that there is a Football Manager 13 coming out, i don't play that game so I would love to hear about it from those who do play it.

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