The State of the 'Prospective' Squad: June 19th

I thought I would do a bit of an update on the state of the squad and how the transfers are going at the moment.

First off we have general housekeeping:

Drogba: He seems to be getting closer and closer to joining Anelka in Shanghai. It is a good move for him as he will be able to get a last big pay day and apparently he is going to get plenty of support for his numerous charities that he supports too. I am not sure how well it is going to work if Anelka is still going to be player/manager but I doubt that he will remain in that role if they finish in the same position as they are in now.

Kalou: Liverpool seems to be the most likely destination with Schalke the only other team that seems to be in the running. Either of those would probably be a good fit. Schalke would be the best choice for Kalou as he wants play a major role at a club. I don't see him playing many more minutes at Liverpool than he did at Chelsea. Huntelaar/Kalou could make a great partnership up front for the German club.


The club has definitely identified right back as a position that needs improvement as well as central mid and right wing.

Piszczek: The pole has been scouted (apparently) by the club during the euros and it would appear that (at the moment) he is the most likely candidate. I personally see him as the strongest of all the right backs in contention. There seems to be a issues over valuation that need to be figured out, before any actual progress can be made. I would rate it a 5/10 in probability and 9/10 as a match for the club. Piszczek would be the no.1 right back for sure.

Debuchy: £4 million from Newcastle already shot down by Lille. He is definitely worth more than that and with Chelsea 'interested' and in the market, his price will get inflated a little bit. Debuchy is having a good, if unspectacular Euros but would likely start ahead of Ivan if we brought him in. 5/10 probability and 8/10 match. He is probably just as likely as his price would likely be €5 million or more lower than Piszczek's. Debuchy would start ahead of Ivan at RB too.

Van Der Wiel: No thanks! There was already much debate over Yay or Nay for the Dutchman but it has probably started to swing a lot more to Nay after his underwhelming performances in the Euros. It could be argued that he has performed just as well as the rest of the team has but I would disagree. Not even a regular starter for Ajax and Van Marwijk had to bring in a 17 year old as cover because of uncertainty regarding VdW. 1/10 probability and 3/10 match. I would expect Ivan to start ahead of VdW most games still.

Modric: I don't think that anybody can argue that he isn't one of the best players in the world for his position and a couple really good games for Croatia has seen his stock rise a bit higher. His value has probably dropped a little from last summer, considering the lack of CL qualification and Redknapp leaving. The men in white seem to be swooping around this summer though and reports coming out are suggesting that a transfer to Real Madrid is already in the works. 4/10 probability and 10/10 match. Unless Roman can swoop in really quickly, this gem may have just slipped straight past us.

Fellaini: All quiet on the Belgian front. No more news here. 2/10 probability and 6/10 match.

Lucas: Bad news here as it seems that the little man isn't coming to Bridge. 1/10 probability and 6/10 match.

Schweinsteiger: Now this one is starting to get really interesting. Why would Abrom go and meet with him, if not to discuss a transfer. I doubt that it would have been a casual meeting or even a meeting to discuss someone else as a target. Bayern would never sell their star man to us, especially after the CL final, at any price... you would think... Stranger things have happened. 3/10 probability and 9/10 match. Not quite as perfect as Modric, but still damn nice.

Rondan: This started with a bang but has now slowed to a whimper so I am very skeptical that this was anything other than rumours. An expensive backup when we already have Sturridge and Lukaku. 1/10 probability and 3/10 match.

Hulk: Things have been quiet here too, some say because hes away playing in South America, some say because Porto want too much money. I'm not sure what's going on but I am happy for things to slow down a bit. Outstanding player, in a lower league. Too much risk for my view, especially at that price. Probability 6/10 and 8/10 match.

Jovetic: I am a bit worried that Jovetic is trying to get a better contract at Fiorentina as he really hasn't been saying much about anything... at all. Outstanding youngster who could probably be molded a lot better to our needs than Hulk, but not nearly as talented, yet. Probability 6/10 and 7/10 match. Much cheaper too!

Just a few for the moment. I couldn't possibly look at all the players 'linked' as well, we are Chelsea so everybody gets linked with us. Those are the most likely, most active at the moment, I think.


Sturridge: On his way out apparently, after the contract given to Di Matteo. Not a bad move, not the best. I think that both parties would consider themselves 'happy'. We get £15-20 million and City/Liverpool get a good youngster. 7/10 probability and 7/10 match for the club.


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