Poll : Favorite Champions League match this season

We've had a remarkable Champions League campaign, winning the cup for the first time in the club's history against all odds.Here's the list of matches in the campaign for you to vote for as your favorite.

Chelsea 4 - 1 Napoli

Having lost the the away fixture 3-1 to Napoli in what was AVB's last CL match in charge of Chelsea, we had our backs against the wall.RDM's first CL match in charge and Lampard and Essien are back in the squad.In the 29th minute Drogba scored off a header to raise hope within Stamford Bridge.Soon after half time John Terry would take advantage of the Italians poor defending at set pieces to score off header from a Frank Lampard corner.If the match had ended then, Chelsea were through to the quarter finals.But all that would be dashed by a screamer by Inler, who would go from hero to villian having handled the ball in Chelsea's penalty area to have Frank Lampard score from the resulting penalty.In extra time Ivanovic blasted one in , to help Chelsea overcome a 3-1 deficit.The match being significant because the goals were scored by Chelsea's old guard of Drogba,Terry and Lampard and set off the revival of Chelsea's CL campaign.To me personally, this was the match of the season and by far my favorite Chelsea match yet.

Chelsea 1 - 0 Barcelona

Having beat Benfica over two legs, Chelsea drew holders Barcelona in the semi final, the first of the series to be played at Stamford bridge.The previous encounter ended in controversial circumstances with Tom Henning Ovrebo setting off conspiracy theories of all sorts and Drogba swearing on camera.Alexis Sanchez would hit the cross bar in the opening minutes, and would go on to dominate possession.Fabregas almost scored from a Messi throughball but Cole was there to clear it off the line.Right on the stroke of halftime, Lampard would find the run of Ramires who cuts it back to Drogba who scores to give Chelsea the lead.An important goal to take into the next fixture at Nou Camp.

Chelsea 2-2 Barcelona

Proclaimed the greatest team in European football, Barcelona were looking to demolish Chelsea who decided to park the bus and counter.Messi hits the side netting in the opening minutes, and Drogba would hit the side netting at the other end.It wasn't long before Barcelona score , after Busquets taps one into the Chelsea goal.After having lost Gary Cahill to injury, John Terry was sent off for a bum kick on Alexis Sanchez. Iniesta would score from a Messi throughball, as Chelsea's hopes began to crumble.As halftime approached, Lampard executes a brilliant pass to set off Ramires, who scooped it over the keeper's head for what would be voted goal of the season by Chelsea fans.After halftime, Chelsea would withstand wave after wave of attack from Barcelona, only to be denied time and again.Desperate times call for desperate measures as Fabregas would dive to give Barcelona a penalty.Messi steps up, only to hit the bar.Frantic defending with Torres at left back, who would find himself alone in Barcelona's half with only Valdez to beat.His run seemed like an eternity, as he rounded off Valdez with an open goal in front of him, still at the back of the mind you felt he would miss, but he scored as Gary Neville had an orgasm on live television.Chelsea are in the final of the Champions League! Salvation is here!

Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich.

Chelsea were billed underdogs against the Germans playing in their own home ground.There was always a sense of feeling that today would be Chelsea's night.Skipping all the away to Muller's goal, Chelsea were a goal down with 7 minutes left and you knew they would,you just knew.Didier Drogba! We're off to extra time.Drogs fouls Ribery in the box, penalty! Ex-Chelsea man Robben steps up and it's saved.Ofcourse it had to be.This is Chelsea's night! We're off to penalties and as Chelsea players ( read Torres ) are upset that they are not taking the first 5 penalties, Bayern Munich players shy away from the opportunity to take a penalty kick.Lahm scores,Mata misses! NO! Gomez scores, Luiz smashes it in,Manuel Neuer, he saves 'em and he scores 'em, Frank Lampard, oh the drama, Olic with his last kick of the ball for Bayern,bwahaha, he misses, Cole hits it, Bastian Schweinsteiger, he's hit the post!! Didier Drogba, taking the penalty he should've taken 4 years ago, GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Champions of Europe!

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