Intelligent Discussion On Chelsea FC As It Stands

Before I begin I would like to direct you to an article regarding our FFP situation as it stands which can be found at:

Last night I saw a rejuvenated Torres following the flashes of brilliance I witnessed towards the end of the season.

Chelsea are in a state of evolution in terms of playing style and I think most of you would agree that if your going to evolve the team you should completely overhaul the team while you still can.

At the end of the I understand we should keep some of our former "DNA" so to speak but players such as: Essien, Malouda, Ferreira and Benayoun are no longer needed and would contribute towards our wage bill.

It is important that we also don't end up like Arsenal when they overhauled their old squad from the invincible days. I think this is easily avoidable if you keep the leadership figures in the club such as Lampard and Terry.

We've made an astonishing start by assembling arguably the best youth team in the BPL but our first team currently needs a bit of work to deserve the title of best team in europe.

I think the RW situation is being blown out of proportion, I strongly disagree with opinions stating that this should be our focus especially when it comes to hulk being the man for the role.

Hulk strikes me as a one trick pony, Explosive, powerful, very much as the old Chelsea. When his explosiveness, pace and power dies with age he'll be absolutely useless to us, same can be said about hazard but he's only 21 and has technique to rely on when his age starts racking up.

I would rather see the area's we are significantly weak in such as CM and and RB.

If we create the basis of a solid midfield axis it doesn't matter who we play upfront world class as or not as long as we have world class supply the importance of spending another 50million on a potentially world class striker wont arise.

Now we're going about this very well by adding Mata; Hazard and Marin with the upcoming josh mceachran all very creative but given the tottenham situation it would seem the perfect time to snatch luka modric given his euro proformances and the long shelf life of "playmakers" i.e. (Xavi, Pirlo, Scholes etc) I could see modric lasting well into his thirty's as players relying purely on technique and vision generally last long.

Next the RB situation, Chelsea desperately needs a RB in the wing-back mould hard working a hard tackler, pacy and that can deliver a killer cross.

We've these issues addressed the significant a specific type of striker is reduced heavily as we pack world class talent around him, wouldn't even mind Ben Arfa on rw as long as the latter issues were addressed.

I mean imagine the future of Chelsea with a squad like the one below in a traditional 4-3-3:

RB ? - Cb: Luiz - Cb: Cahill - LB: Bertrand
RM: Modric - CDM: Oriol Romeu - LM: Mata
RW: ? - Striker: Torres? - LW: Hazard

I mean De bryne or Kakuta could be rw, could and Josh could be rotated in midfield until he develops fully to take one of their positions.

Please take the time to read properly appreciated.


Regarding the RB situation it seems that we have identified Mathieu Debuchy as the prime target to replace Jose Bosingwa and I would agree he seems to be an excellent prospect.

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