8 reasons why i love RDM appointment

My first post here. I had already posted this in the comments section of the RDM deal thread. I thought since it was a longish post i would better put it as a separate one with small changes.

The Chelsea Board have taken their time to think through this appointment and it surely has not been made in the Euphoria of our Cup victory. I am absolutely delighted with the appointment of RDM and will tell you 8 reasons why :

1. Reward for Meritocracy—- Robbie has won us the coveted Chamipions league which his predecessors had failed. The good work has been rewarded as it should be.

2. Player Approval—- Our dressing room has correctly or incorrectly gained a notorious reputation for "sacking" managers. Scolari , AVB will know better. RDM is in a wonderful position as he already has their backing. More than half the battle won in our case.

3. Happy Fans— This appointment will appease the Fans. He was equally loved when he played for us and only enhanced his reputation / goodwill during the "interim" period. So with a single move both the players and Fans are on the board’s side with on this. There is no fresh need to "win" over the fans

4.Prudent Financial decision— The contract of two years is neither a long one say four years nor a short one of one year . A four year contract would have resulted in a large payout incase the now common "Eject" button is pressed by Board. This would have impacted the FPP. A one year contract would have added more fuel to the waiting for Pep story and a run of two consecutive losses in the league will give the football writers enough material for weeks leading to unnecessary pressure on Robbie.

5. Credibility with the Football world— What i mean by this is to just imagine the reactions of other clubs fans if we were to appoint a Capello / Biesla / Pep when the existing manager has delivered the ultimate holy grail of European football. In short we would have been seen in poor light and may be a target of good number of jokes

6.A Capable Manager— Robbie i feel has many positive traits. young , intelligent, affable with excellent man management skills. Enough is already known of his man management skills but i would say one thing on his intelligent tactial brain. He is a shrewd tactician, believe me. His team selection / tactics was more of horses for courses. A different tactic while thrashing QPR / Napoli / Spurs in F.A whereas a different one for Barca / Bayern.

7. English / Premier Leauge Experience— Knowledge of the league is very important. An outside import may not appreciate, as we say, a cold wet saturday in Stoke. Robbie with is time during his playing days, his time with MK Dons / WBA and now with Chelsea has reasonable experience of the league.

8. Chelsea will be more likable for the neutral — This is a very debatable point. I love Mou a lot and i am really happy for what he gave us in those 3 -4 years but his abrasive and confrontational style gave us lots of unlikability among the neutrals. Robbie is a gentle man and generally affable to one and all. He may not "win" over many neutrals atleast he will not actively contribute to accumulating "enemies". .

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