Lukaku interview with de Standaard

Everyone's favourite puppy, Romelu Lukaku, was interviewed by De Standaard, a renowned Belgian newspaper.

I shall try translating that interview, but I suck at Dutch/Flemish, so hopefully Bison and possibly people that understand the language can help me out.

Interesting things are said in the interview, Lukaku claiming he was "unhappy" to be at Chelsea a year after he realized his dream transfer.

Title : In the stands, I often thought: "what am I doing here? "

CHAUDFONTAINE - When Chelsea got Romelu Lukaku (19) this season, the youngster only had a few opportunities to shine. Yesterday, ahead of the England match at Wembley, the striker claimed for the first time this year that he was often disappointed by Chelsea and that wants a conversation about his future with his manager [just like Tim said].

Last summer it was like Romelu Lukaku had discovered true love. After a multimillion transfer permitted Chelsea to get the Anderlecht teenage sensation, Lukaku was originally stoked, as getting to the club of which he had always dreamed of and where his great idol Didier Drogba played football was exciting. However, a year later, Lukaku only managed to collect three starts and zero goals in the first team in his belt, finging himself more often than not in the stands. "In the beginning I was just ecstatic because I was finally at Chelsea" said Lukaku. "It was this WOW feeling."

Has your love for Chelsea shrunk?

"When I came over to Chelsea, I expected that I would need a year for to learn things, such as positional play, mobility, etc. I could still improve in every area. Yet I felt that I very quickly manifested in training and demonstrated qualities that I deemed enough to start in the Premier League. At my first start against Fulham, I was praised in the papers, even getting the best marks of all the Chelsea players, but unfortunately there was never a sequel. "

You often sat on the couch or in the stands.

(Unperturbed) 'In training, I felt, however, better than the last two years at Anderlecht. I have become much more mobile and went from 99 to 93 pounds. In Brussels, I often ate the regular hamburger at McDonalds, but since I got to England, my eating habits got healthier. Now I eat salads and salmon, food I used to not even want. With the Chelsea reserves, I had a good scoring record of 7 goals in 9 matches. When Drogba went to Africa for the ACoN and Anelka left, the team needed an extra striker in January, and then I was allowed to train with the first team. I was good in training, but had no platform to show my abilities. Like my father, I was very angry, but as a professional footballer should do, I kept my anger to myself. I wanted the whole thing not to be upside down. "

The first coach, Andre Villas-Boas, listened to what you wanted, right?

"The relationship with the trainer was not evident. I could get substitute appearances, when the team was in a dip. When I was on the bench against Manchester United, I was subbed in when the team was trailing 3-0, and I got to play right winger. Who put me there as a right winger? Chelsea wanted me very much last summer and paid a lot, but eventually I really thought: Now you just throw your money? With Anderlecht I had scored 41 goals in 98 matches to get the move to Chelsea and I was suddenly in the [basket]. Sometimes I played three weeks with the reserves, then I sat on the bench for the first team... What are you doing? Where are the sports plan? I felt asking to the management team "

For a football addict if you did no doubt hurt you so often had to watch from the stands.

"I'll be honest: when I was in the stands, it happened regularly that I left the stadium after 70 minutes. If I do not play, few games interested me. You feel you're really not involved. Sat on my seat, I often thought: what am I doing here? My mom texted me that once when she saw me in the stands on TV and then I had to think. "

However, when Chelsea won the Champions League and the FA Cup, you ran onto the field to celebrate.

"I went onto the field because that was required by the club. After the FA Cup win, I really just want to go home. In the team bus, Kalou put in the cup on my lap, I immediately asked him to remove it. I did not touch the cup, for just as in the Champions League, I wasn't part of the win. I do not like when people speak to me about the Champions League. Not me, but my team won the trophy without me. "

If you are so fed up, it doesn't seem to be nice to get in your empty apartment every evening.

"Fortunately I'm not alone. My mommy is there very often as she can to London every week, and I need a friend sometimes. Vadis Odjidja visited me several times and I spoke regularly with Moussa Dembele. Moussa lives in the apartment across the Thames, and when I see his light burning, then I know that's Moussa's home. (Laughs) On other days I go to my teammate Bosingwa to get some food, because although I do not play, I am very well accepted at Chelsea. Drogba, Mikel, Kalou, Bosingwa: these are all good friends. "

Honestly: Do you regret your choice for Chelsea?

"I have no regrets. I would have had to experience an intermediate step to convert to a bigger club like Ajax or Lille, but I wanted to go to the top and my transfer fee made me available to only the biggest clubs. On the good side of things, this year in England has given me peace, as I had to get away from all the hypocrisy in Belgium. Our young players are unprotected. One day people say you're the best, but if your form fades, you're suddenly the worst. Only my youth coaches and [former Anderlecht head coach] Ariel Jacobs have me always treated fairly. The only thing I'm preparing for right now is next season. I have told Chelsea that a young player needs a clear sporting plan. "

So you're getting loaned out.

"I first want to know who will be manager next year [SOMETHING ABOUT DI MATTEO I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND, COULD BE IMPORTANT]. Chelsea has bought a lot of young players, so we need a coach who dares to take the risk of playing young players. When I started the last league game against Blackburn, I was again man of the match. I just need three consecutive matches to show my abilities. During that conversation with the coach, I will soon see whether he believes me or not. If not, then I want a loan move. I must play. "

N.B. : This is not a 100% litteral translation, I just am doing my best with the limited tools at my disposal. I may have made a few mistakes. Enjoy, and any corrections would be hugely beneficial. Thanks.

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