Rebuilding the foundation

With Didier Drogba decided to leave Chelsea at the end of his contract , which is till next month, the team will go through a new phase. It will not be the same to watch Chelsea without him. Along with Drogba it is believed that Solomon Kalou and Jose Bosingwa will also be leaving. Current group of players can make a top XI but gone are the days of just a main team. It is the era of the stronger squads. A whole 25 men squad has to be upto the top notch. It must have youth and also the experienced, the home grown and the foreign stars , the physical and the technical geniuses. In short all these qualities not only gives you options when a player is injured, also gives you a tactical superiority. Not all the matches can be played with the same tactic, to have the luxury to be able to change tactics , a strong squad is necessary . Now lets the probable top XI of Chelsea FC next season :

Ivanovic Luiz Terry/Cahill Cole
Mikel/Oriol Lampard/Essien
Ramires/de bryune Mata Marin/Malouda

Now yes most of the positions have a replacement. But are the replacements good enough ? Cahill for Terry is a good one, Oriol proved himself well , Marin and Kevin De Bryune has not been played yet so judgement may be held till we see them in action for Chelsea. Sturridge had a great start but since he lost his touch could not get it back, Lukaku was not used enough to be judged and also not used enough to be put into action directly and malouda and essien were poor . This cannot be called a strong squad . Because as of now, the performance of Torres last season was a mixed one, definitely not worthy of 50 Million pounds, but putting the price tag aside it was a decent season. Honestly putting the weight of the whole team on him next season is still in doubts.

Now lets see our targets, Hazard, Modric, Kagawa , Hulk , Cavani , Azpilicueta , Van Der Weil , Willian , Lucas Moura . Maximum of them will cost a lot, something i personally do not want. But to compete in 3 mainstream competitions and also domestic and international less important ones we need some of them. Hulk/Cavani, Modric/Hazard/Kagawa, Azpilicueta/Van Der Weil, are my choices, 3 of them . Hulk Modric and Azpilicueta , of we get this three then we have such a stringer squad. Hulk can play at RW/RAM/CF , Modric can play CAM/LAM/CM and Azpilicueta can play at RB. Our main problem was upfront in the attack. Now if we get the ones i mentioned :

` Hulk Modric Mata


Ramires Modric Mata


De Bryune Mata Marin

More alternates are there, but you can picture it yourself to what more options there can be. Now another problem is the coach. Honestly give the contract to ROberto Di Matteo, must at least be given so to show appreciation for his effort. In charge of 21 games, won us the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.


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