Pep available!! Me suspicious :(

You guys may have already come across this news and if you haven't please find it here
Since there are no managerial vacancies at any top clubs in Europe other than Chelsea and Liverpool, we can assume Pep is referring to these two only. Also we can safely assume that Chelsea has the higher chance of 'seducing him' as he has said in these quotes. But I am very suspicious about someone leaving Barcelona and coming to Chelsea because we have known these people to be very arrogant and they look down upon the manner in which Chelsea played against Barca. Unless some politics is going on at Barca and Pep had a huge disagreement with some one in a high position there, I don't understand Pep's motives at all. I have some theories regarding this and I am very interested in what everyone at WAGNH thinks about this.


Pep really had a fall out with Sandro or someone high up at Barca and wants to go somewhere else. If this is the case there is really a chance that he will end up at Chelsea because Roman will pursue him aggressively just like the way he did with Torres. In this scenario, there is nothing to be suspicious about and we can have hopes that Pep will succeed in doing what we all were expecting AVB to do last year. Pep will transform the way Chelsea plays and we will no longer be hated for our style not that I care about others hating us.


Now I am considering the same reasons for leaving Barcelona as I did in the previous case but I doubt his commitment to the cause because introducing tiki taka at Chelsea is going to require changes at our grassroot levels and will be a long term process. If Pep tries it with our current set of players, he is likely to end up with similar results as AVB and will have to leave at the end of one year. In this case Pep will return to Barca or maybe Man utd (Fergie will have to retire at some time!!) at the end of 1 year with a boat load of cash and Chelsea will become the laughing stock of the whole world especially if they finish outside the top 4. Of course the popular argument against this will be that Pep won't be foolish enough to try tiki taka and high pressing with our current players and will adapt his tactics and style to our players. But I am doubting his commitment to Chelsea and fear that he may look at this as the 1 year break that he wants.


Pep is just trolling Chelsea with these quotes and checking if we will delay telling de Matteo about his future based on hopes of landing Pep. It will be highly unfair to Roberto if we don't inform him of the decision withing weeks and he may not even wait longer than that to find out. We may finally end up with neither Pep nor Roberto and Hiddink will be the only good choice we will have left then.

Kindly share your views regarding this and I am suddenly in a hurry now to see Roberto being appointed because I feel we don't have many good alternative choices available.

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