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Hello folks I've always wanted to do this, as im a big movie fan just like a lot of you out there!!

Now before we start its best if you grab some popcorn and some low calorie soda for those of you that are reading really late, because I believe this is the longest post ever written in WAGNH. And if someone wants to argue that, by no offense they can take that award

Lets start off with action:

I was born in the 80's right when action stars like Arnold, stallone, van damme, willis, and the immovable rock seagal started. While I was digging those movies back then, just like a lot of things when you start growing up they change, and you soon realized how in the hell did I liked that."

Here are some of my favorites:

Training day ------- braveheart

Point break ------- saving private ryan

The bourne series --------- apocalypto

Raiders of the lost ark ---------- blood diamond

Terminator 2 ---------- inception

The dark knight --------- heat

The professional --------- Jurassic park

Black hawk down troy


Now to the Animation or Anime:

That special period of your life when all you watch is anime, yet you still think you're cool :D..........

Let me start off with some classics:

Hercules -------- cowboy bebop

Lion king -------- dragon ball z

Hunchback of notre dame ------ samurai x

Kung fu panda -------- ranma 1/2

Finding Nemo ----- the knights of the zodiac

How to train your dragon ------ lupin the third

Shrek --------- the ninja turtles

Now we move along to the kicking butt section, I've always been a fan of fighting movies, it may be due to my lack of fighting moves or to my lack of stretching

Fight club -------- kick ass

Bloodsport ------- never back down

Unleashed -------- rocky

Ip man ------------ kickboxing

Ombak ------- mortal kombat

Enter the dragon


It is by far one of my favorite genres, it can make your day better like no other genre possibly can

There is something about mary ------- superbad

Anchorman ---------- the hangover

Knocked up -------- due date

Austin powers -------- burn after the reading

The naked gun ------ caddy shack

Ferris bueller's day off ------------ chuck & larry

Hot shots --------- borat

Zoolander -------- mr. bean

Eurotrip ------- dumb and dumber

American pie series


This is a section that some might be really uncomfortable with or find highly disagreeable topics on.

Food inc ----------- the cove

Bowling for columbine -------- bigger stronger faster*



March of the penguins


For the girls of WAGNH Ms. Alynne, Leon,sabrine, and Maiev* and those man that are not afraid to say that they are fans, romance movies bring hope, bring dreams, and some unrealistic dreams also (downer)

My favorites:

Watching the detectives ---------- una novia para david

Midnight in paris ---------- annie hall

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ----- nick & noras music playlist

Ghost -------------- the terminal

Titanic ------------- sleepless in seattle

Revolutionary road

Little children


I struggle with this genre, even though I'm a big music fan and by no chance I'm a fan of one genre of music, some musicals just do not appeal whatsoever for me, but well here is my list

The phantom of the operah



The nightmare before Christmas


Can't you just picture clint eastwood, I can!!!.... Love me some westerns, even though they are not as popular as they used to be

True grit

The good the bad and the ugly

3:10 to yuma


the quick and the dead


These are the most powerful films, the nominees, the ones that get all the credit almost all the time in the Oscars, and I have no problem with that

John Q ----------- the last king of Scotland

There will be Blood --------- American Beauty

Gangs of New York ---------- Good will hunting

Shawshank redemption --------- American History x

The godfather series --------- Forrest Gump

Schindler's list ---------- the Truman show

Raging bull ----------- The lord of the Rings

The king's speech


Sci-Fi and Horror

I tend to be a realist and sometimes a pessimist when watching these types of movies but if the right plot comes along, im in!!

Harry Potter ------------ independence day

Star wars ------------ alien

Avatar ------------ the matrix

American psycho -------- texas chainsaw massacre

The exorcist -------------- 28 days later

Cape fear --------- Let the right one in

Saw ----------- blade runner

Well this concludes the super boring, long, tideous thread, or the awesome, legendary, epic, I want some more thread. But before I go I would like to know also from you which movies are your favorite, which ones do you recommend.

Here are some questions:

  1. What are your favorite genres/sub-genres of film?
  2. What films do you really enjoy that are otherwise critically or universally panned?
  3. What films do you really dislike that are otherwise critically or universally praised?
  4. Are there any films that you're kind of ashamed to admit liking?
  5. Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses?
  6. Who are some of your least favorite actors/actresses?
  7. Who are some of your favorite directors?
  8. Who are some of your least favorite directors?
  9. Are you the type of person that can watch a movie multiple times or just once?
  10. What movies are you looking forward to in the future?
  11. Are there any movies you want to watch after reading this monster of a post?
  12. Did you actually read the whole thing?

Apologize for the grammar and the editing, none are my strong points.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any sort of approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the editors of this site.

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