Hello, Frank Lampard speaking.

Frankie Lampard, the man that will lead us as a captain tomorrow, has been speaking to the media about Chelsea's season in general, and of course the encounter with FC Bayern.

Everything here taken from an "exclusive" Eurosport(TM) interview with Lamps. Or so Eurosport employee Tom Adams says.

Edit : only what I thought was the more interesting stuff has been posted. For the full-length stuff click on the link above.

First, Frankie says Chelsea wasn't fancied at all to reach the final. On the Napoli home game, he tells us that there was a lot of effort by the staff and the players between the two ties, adding that the players didn't surprise themselves, although they really enjoyed the win.

Our vice-captain alludes to the home match as a "turning point", saying it has radically changed Chelsea's season. He is then asked a few questions on his role at the club since that turning point; and he claimed his playtime increased so he was playing better and better.

then :

When you look at the history your team has had in the Champions League, does it feel like it is all building towards Sunday and a climax?

I don't know really. Not to write us off in future years, but there is no mistake: every year we get the same questions around the knockout stage. Is this the year? And every year we have failed them, we haven't done it. There is only destiny if you make it yourself and we are one step closer to making it. It does feel every year that we want to do it even more. In the circumstances, given the players who are missing, would it be the greatest achievement of the squad and the club to win? For Chelsea it would be the best achievement, for sure. We have got four players out who played in our best performance of the season [away in Barcelona] so it would be a huge achievement. I think every step has been a huge achievement: the Barcelona games and the turnaround from Napoli were huge achievements for everybody, so if we were to finish and win it, I think it would certainly be Chelsea's best ever feat.

The interviewer brings back 2008 memories, mentionning the goal and the shootout penalty he put past Van der Saar. "I have nice memories of Moscow." he answers. "Obviously not the end memory but the occasion itself."

On him being captain :

With John Terry suspended you will be captain. How will you go about the role?

As I always do, and as I tried to be in Barcelona. I was probably more vocal in Barcelona than I have been ever, it was such a backs-to-the-wall situation. I will try and be vocal, I will try and play by example and I know the players and I have been here long enough. I will feel pride to take on the responsibility to try and lead a little bit. We have got leaders.

He then praises Gomez's all-round game, implying it might be a tougher day than usual for a defence deprived of its best defender (in my opinion).

Lamps affirms being out of the competition next season is on the back of the players' minds, and tells us how it feels to be an England fan frustrated by Germany on so many occasions, before suggesting Chelsea can win the game.

Lamps on Gustavo : doesn't seem too impressed on his impact - he's been great if you ask the guys over at Bavarian Football Works. He quickly moves on to the quality on display when Schweini, Kroos and Muller are on the same pitch


Do you think that having beaten Barcelona, you have already beaten probably the best team in the competition?

It certainly doesn't work that way. We've enjoyed the feeling of beating the best. Barcelona are the best team. I don't whether they are still or not but they have been the best team for a long time and we have enjoyed that. But we are clever enough to know that if we lose to Bayern people will quickly forget the semis and the quarters and the other games.

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