State of the Squad: April, 2012, Part 1

To say this season has been a roller coaster ride is a complete underestimation. At the beginning, we thought we had found the next great manager at Chelsea, instead all we found was another flame out. Players have been up and down on the field and off the field. Racism and Rebellion were probably the two most used words whenever Chelsea was brought up in the media. And just when we thought we had hit the lowest of lows we were brought up again. The unheralded Roberto Di Matteo picked the morale (and thus the results) up off the floor and made Chelsea look like a functioning club again. Now we are amongst Europe's greatest yet we struggle to be amongst England's greatest, strange.

The summer to come will be momentus for Chelsea, make or break if you will. With many players carrying individual story lines, big decisions will have to made, including at the manager position. What follows is a review of five players and what their current outlook is with the club.

Petr Cech: Gone are the days of the world's best goalkeeper status. Cech has come under a bit of pressure this year becuase of a certain youngster named Courtois that plays in Spain. Some in the media forsee a departure this summer for the towering keep, leading to somewhat misguided rumors of Michel Vorm and Tim Krul to find their way to Stamford bridge for hefty transfer figures. This is all a bit silly to be honest, Cech quality and domination of the box is still very much first class. He's reletively young for a keeper and most likely has several good years left in him. He will be a Stamford bridge next year and probably the year after that too, and were all better for it.

Ashley Cole: Oh Ashley, what a quandary. Just when I'm ready to send him packing he puts in a stunningly good performance like he did at Barcelona. Unless a big money move comes for a Jordi Alba type player comes through in the summer we'll be seeing Ashley on the left flank next year. The situation with him and Ryan Bertrand is somewhat ideal (Think old, wise, martial arts master and his young eager student) and could work (I still love Jordi Alba).

John Terry: An aging Terry had some of us worrying about his durability going into the season. However, he proved us wrong with some sterling performances. The Captain is a rock in the back and an emotional leader that will be hard to replace. I'm hoping/expecting two more years of top end football for Terry.

David Luiz: The big haired defender has an incredibly high ceiling for potential with his delicious combination of ball playing ability and defending. He's shown us several times this year that a focused David Luiz is a tremendous commodity to have in our ranks. There is a reason Barcelona reportedly wants to shell out a big check to nab him. At 25, I expect to see David Luiz at the back for many years to come.

Branislav Ivanovic: The Center Back/Right Back has been given a more permanent role at RB this year and has done reasonably well with it. His defensive prowess compliments his acceptable offense quite well. Now this isn't to say he's perfect, he's certainly capable of some poor showings, but he's very solid. Now, ideally, I would like to see Branners as a utility man whose ability to play Center Back and Right gives him lots of appearences rather than what he is now. Which is essentially a starting right back. Hopefully a summer purchase at right back will achieve that. There is some talk that a finish outside the top four would see a move away from Chelsea. It's conceivable but unlikely in my mind, Ivanovic seems to genuinely enjoy the club and would ride out any move to the Europa league. However, a 12 million pound offer would be something to mull over.

Alright that's all for now. As always, let me know what you think in the comments.

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